Articles of the Week – 9/2-9/8

Saturday September 2:
Literature review: the impact of digital communications technology on radicalization and recruitment – Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, Audrey Alexander, and Nick Kaderbhai, International Affairs: 
Iconoclasm and strategic thought: Islamic State and cultural heritage in Iraq and Syria – Matthew Clapperton, David Martin Jones, and M. L. R. Smith, International Affairs:
Monday September 4:
The devoted actor’s will to fight and the spiritual dimension of human conflict – Ángel Gómez, Lucía López-Rodríguez, Hammad Sheikh, Jeremy Ginges, Lydia Wilson, Hoshang Waziri, Alexandra Vázquez, Richard Davis, and Scott Atran, Nature Human Behaviour:
The projectilic image: Islamic State’s digital visual warfare and global networked affect – Marwan M Kraidy, Media, Culture & Society:
Tuesday September 5:
Can ex-militants, and their redemption stories, stop anyone from joining Islamic State? – Simon Cottee, LA Times:
Online as the New Frontline: Affect, Gender, and ISIS-Take-Down on Social Media – Elizabeth Pearson, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism:
Wednesday September 6:
Islamizing the Palestinian–Israeli conflict: the case of the Muslim Brotherhood – Noha Mellor, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies:
Do 90% of Terrorist Groups Last Less than a Year? Updating the Conventional Wisdom – Brian Phillips, Terrorism and Political Violence:
Thursday September 7:
The Life of Abu Tayyim Inkhil: Deceased Amir of Jaysh Khalid bin al-Waleed – Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi:
The Four Waves of Global Jihad, 1979–2017 – Glenn E. Robinson, Middle East Policy:
The Role of the Muslim Brotherhood In the Syrian Civil War – Yehuda U. Blanga, Middle East Policy:
Journey to Extremism in Africa – UNDP:
Combatting Terrorism Through Fusion Centers: Useful Lessons From Other Experiences? – Andres de Castro Garcia, Florina Cristiana Matei, and Thomas C. Bruneau, International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence:
The Chechens of Syria – Vera Mironova and Ekaterina Sergatskova, Foreign Affairs:
Friday September 8: 
Al-Qadā’ wa-l-Qadr: motivational representations of divine decree and predestination in salafi-jihadi literature – Shiraz Maher and Alexandra Bissoondath, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies:
The Myth of the ISIS Female Suicide Bomber – Simon Cottee and Mia Bloom, The Atlantic:
Of Monarchs and Islamists: The ‘Refo-lutionary’ Promise of the PJD Islamists and Regime Control in Morocco – Mohamed Daadaoui, Middle East Critique: 
Expansion and Contraction of Scripture: The Ritual (Im)purity of Unbelievers According to Shīʿa Jurisprudence – Mahmoud Pargoo, Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations: 
Regulating religious authority for political gains: al-Sisi’s manipulation of al-Azhar in Egypt – Masooda Bano and Hanane Benadi, Third World Quarterly: