Articles of the Week – 8/26-9/1

Saturday August 26:

Jihadi-Salafism Makes Strange Bedfellows: On the Death of Muhammad Ibrahim Shaqra – Joas Wagemakers, Jihadica:

Sunday August 27:

The Context of the Manchester Bombings in the Words of the “Islamic State” on Telegram – Nico Prucha, Online Jihad:

Monday August 28:

Eulogies for the Resistance: Hizbullah, Syria and the ‘Crisis Imaginary’ – Jack Joy, Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication:

Save the Terrorism Prevention Toolkit – George Selim and Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, War on the Rocks:

Children of the Caliphate Young IS Returnees and the Reintegration Challenge – Liesbeth van der Heide and Jip Geenen, The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague:

Tuesday August 29:

From Grozny to Raqqah with stopover Brussels – The ‘Eastern Contingent’ of Belgian foreign terrorist fighters – Pieter Van Ostaeyen and Guy Van Vlierden, Emme Jihad:

Why Radicalization Fails: Barriers to Mass Casualty Terrorism – Pete Simi and Steven Windisch, C-Rex:

It Comes with the Territory: Why States Negotiate with Ethno-Political Organizations – Victor Asal, Daniel Gustafson, and Peter Krause, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Wednesday August 30:

A Community of True Believers: Learning as Process among “The Emigrants” – Michael Kenney, Terrorism and Political Violence :

Engaging Religion and Religious Actors in Countering Violent Extremism – Peter Mandaville and Melissa Nozell, USIP:

Thursday August 31:

A Collective Profile of IS Commanders – Ronen Zeidel, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Awareness Trainings and Detecting Jihadists among Asylum Seekers: A Case Study from The Netherlands – Joris van Wijk and Maarten P. Bolhuis, Perspectives on Terrorism: 

Towards Academic Consensus Definitions of Radicalism and Extremism – Astrid Bötticher, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Al Qaeda and the Islamic State’s Break: Strategic Strife or Lackluster Leadership? – Tricia Bacon and Elizabeth Arsenault, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Friday September 1:

Studying Politics Across Media – Leticia Bode and Emily K. Vraga, Political Communication:

Wilayat Internet: ISIS’ Resilience across the Internet and Social Media – Laurence Bindner and Raphael Gluck, Bellingcat:

An Ethnographic Study on the Indonesian Immigrant Community and its Islamic Radicalization in South Korea – Minwoo Yun and Eunyoung Kim, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Affecting Terrorism: Laughter, Lamentation, and Detestation as Drives to Terrorism Knowledge – Charlotte Heath-Kelly and Lee Jarvis, International Political Sociology: 

Governing in Space of the “Seam”: Airport Security after the Liquid Bomb Plot – International Political Sociology – Marijn Hoijtink, International Political Sociology: 

Social movement theory reflections on the use of suicide violence in the Nigerian Boko Haram – Kingsley Ekene Amaechi, Journal for the Study of Religion: 

Attachment theory and religious violence: theorizing adult religious psychopathology – Victor Counted, Journal for the Study of Religion: