Articles of the Week – 8/12-8/18

Saturday August 12:

The Life of Abu Qasura Kanakari of Jaysh Khalid bin al-Waleed – Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi:

Tuesday August 15:

Disrupting Daesh: Measuring Takedown of Online Terrorist Material and its Impacts – Maura Conway, Moign Khawaja, Suraj Lakhani, Jeremy Reffin, Andrew Robertson, and David Weir, Vox Pol: 

Part 3: Controlling territory – applying theology as absolute public and private governance – Nico Prucha, Online Jihad:

The Uighurs and China’s Regional Counter-Terrorism Efforts – Zachary Abuza, Terrorism Monitor:

Al-Qaeda’s Quiet Resurgence in India – Animesh Roul, Terrorism Monitor:

Wednesday August 16:

Britain on Alert: The Attacks in London and Manchester and the Evolving Threat – Raffaello Pantucci, CTC Sentinel:

The Mujahidat Dilemma: Female Combatants and the Islamic State – Charlie Winter Devorah Margolin, CTC Sentinel:

Banning Encryption to Stop Terrorists: A Worse than Futile Exercise – Aaron Brantly, CTC Sentinel:

Predicting the Shape of Iraq’s Next Sunni Insurgencies – Michael Knights, CTC Sentinel:

The Dilemma of Kenya’s New Counterterrorism and Asymmetric Warfare – Oscar Gakuo Mwangi, Peace Review:

Ethnic Clashes, Jihad, and Insecurity in Central Mali – Ousmane Aly Diallo, Peace Review:

Thursday August 17:

Combating the Cult of ISIS: A Social Approach to Countering Violent Extremism – Joel Day and Scott Kleinmann, The Review of Faith & International Affairs:

All Shari’a is Local: Islam and Democracy in Practice in Northern Nigeria – Brandon Kendhammer, The Review of Faith & International Affairs:

The Islamic State May Be Failing, but Its Strategic Communications Legacy Is Here to Stay – Colin Clarke and Charlie Winter, War on the Rocks: