Articles of the Week – 8/5-8/11

After almost a four year hiatus, I hope to once again post ‘articles of the week’ every Friday.

Tuesday August 8:

Intervention in Mali: building peace between peacekeeping and Counterterrorism – Bruno Charbonneau, Journal of Contemporary African Studies:

Islamic State’s next move could be underground criminal networks – Aisha Ahmad, Monkey Cage:

‘The battle is all there is’: Philosophy and history in international relations theory – Richard Devetak, International Relations: 

Wednesday August 9:

The Assault in Sayad: Did Taleban and Daesh really collaborate? – Obaid Ali, Afghanistan Analysts Network: 

Thursday August 10:

A Deadly Delusion: Were Syria’s Rebels Ever Going to Defeat the Jihadists? – Sam Heller, War on the Rocks:

Exploding Stereotypes: The Unexpected Operational and Demographic Characteristics of Boko Haram’s Suicide Bombers – Jason Warner and Hilary Matfess, Combating Terrorism Center:

Jihad Wins in Idlib – Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi, Foreign Affairs:

From Resilience to Fragmentation: Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Jihadist Group Modularity – Adib Bencherif, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Security Provision and Political Formation in Hybrid Orders – Michael Lawrence, Stability: International Journal of Security and Development:

Friday August 11:

China and the Middle East security governance in the new era – Degang Sun, Contemporary Arab Affairs:

The ISIS Prison System- Its Structure, Departmental Affiliations, Processes, Conditions, and Practices of Psychological and Physical Torture – Asaad Almohammad, Anne Speckhard, and Ahmet S. Yayla, International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism:

Terrorism Financing with Virtual Currencies: Can Regulatory Technology Solutions Combat This? – Iwa Salami, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism: