New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Regarding the Fifteenth Anniversary of the American Invasion”


Tomorrow 7th of October, is also considered a black day in the history of Afghanistan like 6th of Marghumay.
15 years ago on the same day, 7th of October 2001, the US-led occupying forces launched a brutal military occupation of our sacred county in violation of all humanitarian laws and international norms.
American invaders apparently made the incident of 11th September an excuse for her savagery which was not justified in any way and is not till this day because the Afghan people were neither had a hand in it nor were they aware of the plans.
But in spite of that the then American rulers and her allies invaded Afghanistan against all international norms and without presenting any evidences.
To find some justifications for their horror and for acquittal from accountability of the oppressed Afghan people, they declared some other goals of their attack, which include:
1- To make Afghanistan self-sufficient.
2- To end narcotic production/trade in Afghanistan.
3- To form a government according to the will of the Afghan nation.
4- To establish peace, stability and security in the country.
– But 15 years passed since the US occupation, we can see that everything is going in reverse. Has Afghanistan stood on its own feet? They had made it the poorest country in the world, and despite abundant resources no fundamental work has been done.
– Before the US occupation, the Islamic Emirate was able to eradicate drug cultivation to zero, but now under the American occupation; Afghanistan shattered the world record in the cultivation and export of the drugs.
– Instead of building a government system according to the desire and will of the Afghan people, they have imposed the world’s most corrupt setup; a combination of thieves and gangs of evil and corruption with the force of airplanes and tanks, and are supporting them to this day.
– Security and stability of the country is such that a senior US general declared that 1000 people are killed per month in Afghanistan. Bombardment of civilian houses and public facilities is the daily routine of the occupiers and their stooges.
Thus the Islamic Emirate condemns the barbaric invasion and continuation of occupation byAmerica and her allies in the strongest terms and on the 15 anniversary of their horror once again calls upon the invaders; leave our country, bring the brutal occupation to an end, stop the bloodshed of innocent Afghan people in your heinous existence, let the Afghan people decide about their own country and future.
This is the same sensible and reasonable solution that the Islamic Emirate identified fifteen years ago in the dispute, and has repeatedly declared it for you over time.
Otherwise the believing Afghan nation will continue their legitimate struggle under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate, until the invaders are expelled from the country like the previous ones. When you will have lost tens of thousands more troops and wasted hundreds of billions of more dollars in exchange for a historical and humiliating defeat. That time is close, Allah willing, and the entire world are witnessing the signs of it.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
05/01/1438 Hijri Lunar
15/07/1395 Hijri Solar               06/10/2016 Gregorian