Articles of the Week – 11/2-11/29

Tuesday November 5:

Radicalisation in the digital era: The use of the internet in 15 cases of terrorism and extremism – Ines Von Behr, Anaïs Reding, Charlie Edwards, and Luke Gribbon, RAND: 

Effective but inefficient: understanding the costs of counterterrorism – Arjun Chowdhury and Scott Fitzsimmons, Critical Studies on Terrorism: 

Friday November 8:

Meeting a Returned Tunisian Foreign Fighter from the Syrian Front – Aaron Y. Zelin, Syria Deeply: 

Who is Mullah Fazlullah? – Daud Khattak, The AfPak Channel: 

A Little-Known Syrian Jihadi Magazine – Joas Wagemakers, Jihadica: 

Beyond authoritarian upgrading: the re-emergence of Sufi orders in Maghrebi politics – Isabelle Werenfels, The Journal of North African Studies: 

Saturday November 9:

Honour Killings in the UK Communities: Adherence to Tradition and Resistance to Change – Recep Doğan, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs: 

Monday November 11:

Westgate Attack Al-Shabaab’s Renewed Transnational Jihadism – Freedom C. Onuoha, al-Jazeera Center for Studies:

Wednesday November 13:

Outside Support for Insurgent Movements – Dan Byman, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism: 

Al Qaeda’s Twenty-Year Strategic Plan: The Current Phase of Global Terror – Martin Rudner, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism: 

Thursday November 14:

Jihadist Radicalization in Switzerland – Lorenzo Vidino, ETH Zurich:

Friday November 15:

The Rise and Fall of the Salafi al-Nour Party in Egypt – Jonathan AC Brown, Jadaliyya: 

Monday November 18:

Can Muslims Befriend Non-Muslims? Debating al-walāʾ wa-al-barāʾ (Loyalty & Disavowal) in Theory and Practice – Uriya Shavit, Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations:

Tuesday November 19:

How Zawahiri Lost al Qaeda: Global Jihad Turns on Itself – William McCants, Foreign Affairs:

Wednesday November 20:

Suspect Communities—Targeting Violent Extremism at the Local Level: Policies of Engagement in Amsterdam, Berlin, and London – Floris Vermeulen, Terrorism and Political Violence: 

Friday November 22:

Lebanese Salafis Amidst Syria’s War – Geneive Abdo, The Middle East Channel:

Saturday November 23:

The History of Jihadism in Finland and An Early Assessment of Finnish Foreign Fighters in Syria – Juha Saarinen, Jihadology:

Monday November 25:

Caliphate Now: Jihadis Debate the Islamic State – Cole Bunzel, Jihadica: 

Examining the Distinct Effects of Emotive Triggers on Public Reactions to International Terrorism – Cigdem V. Sirin and Nehemia Geva, Terrorism and Political Violence: 

“Global Jihad”: The Canadian Experience – Sam Mullins, Terrorism and Political Violence: 

Tuesday November 26:

Jihadist Reactions in the Event of an Israeli War with Hezbollah or Assad [starts on page 14] – Aaron Y. Zelin, Washington Institute for Near East Policy: 

Syria Proving More Fertile Than Iraq to Al-Qa`ida’s Operations – Brian Fishman, CTC Sentinel: 

Tracking Australian Foreign Fighters in Syria – Andrew Zammit, CTC Sentinel: 

The Capture of Abu Anas al-Libi: Reactions and Militancy in Libya – Alison Pargeter, CTC Sentinel: 

The Evolution of Jihadism in Italy: Rise in Homegrown Radicals – Lorenzo Vidino, CTC Sentinel: 

A frighteningly normal man – Marc Sageman, Al Jazeera America:

Wednesday November 27:

Dutch Foreign Fighters – Some Testimonials from the Syrian Front (Part III) – Pieter Van Ostaeyen, Jihadology: 

Number of foreign fighters from Europe in Syria is historically unprecedented. Who should be worried? – Thomas Hegghammer, Monkey Cage: 

Thursday November 28:

Promoting stories about terrorism to the international news media: A study of public diplomacy – Moran Yarchi, Gadi Wolfsfeld, Tamir Sheafer, and Shaul R Shenhav, Media, War & Conflict: 

Being a terrorist: Video game simulations of the other side of the War on Terror – Marcus Schulzke, Media, War & Conflict: