Articles of the Week – 10/5-10/11

Saturday October 5:
Liwa’a al-Imam al-Hasan al-Mujtaba: A Shia Militia Fighting in Rif Dimashq/Ghouta – Phillip Smyth, Jihadology: 
The Islamic State of Disobedience: al-Baghdadi Triumphant – Cole Bunzel, Jihadica: 
Monday October 7:
Was Kenya Westgate Attack More AQAP/AQ Central Than Shabaab? – Clint Watts, Selected Wisdom: 
Tuesday October 8:
Place still matters: The operational geography of jihadist terror attacks against the US Homeland 1990–2012 – Christopher Jasparro, Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict: 
Wednesday October 9:
AQI’s ‘Soldiers’ Harvest’ Campaign – Jessica D. Lewis, Institute for the Study of War: 
Thursday October 10:
Terrorists on Social Media: Arguments That Don’t Impress Me – J.M. Berger, Intel Wire: 
Al Qaeda’s Syrian Strategy – Barak Barfi and Aaron Y. Zelin, Foreign Policy: 
Friday October 11:
Jihadi-Salafism’s Next Generation – Haim Malka and William Lawrence, Center for Strategic and International Studies: 
The Hybrid Terrorist Organization: Hezbollah as a Case Study – Eitan Azani, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism: 
Alienating the Grassroots: Looking Back at Al Qaeda’s Communicative Approach Toward Muslim Audiences – Donald Holbrook, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism: