Articles of the Week – 8/24-10/4

Saturday August 24:

How We Killed Privacy — in 4 Easy Steps – Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Kelsey D. Atherton, Foreign Policy: 

Al-Qaida Advises the Arab Spring: Al-Maqdisi – Joas Wagemakers, Jihadica: 

Monday August 26:

An Empirical Study of Suicide Terrorism: A Global Analysis – Charlinda Santifort-Jordan and Todd Sandler, Southern Economic Journal: 

Tuesday August 27:

Hizb Allah’s Gambit in Syria – Matthew Levitt and Aaron Y. Zelin, CTC Sentinel:

From Karbala to Sayyida Zaynab: Iraqi Fighters in Syria’s Shi`a Militias – Phillip Smyth, CTC Sentinel:

Who let the Dog out? A note on the German side of “jihadism” – Nico Prucha, Jihadica: 

Wednesday August 28:

Tunis Designates Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia – Aaron Y. Zelin, al-Wasat:

The Suicidal Tendencies of Suicide Bombers – Jessica Stern, Foreign Affairs: 

Thursday August 29:

New fears for Syria’s jihadists – Charles Lister, The Middle East Channel: 

Monday September 2:

The Political Context of Early Wahhabi Discourse of Takfir – Tarik K. Firro, Middle Eastern Studies: 

A Handbook on Mali’s 2012-2013 Crisis – Alexander Thurston and Andrew Lebovich, Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa:

Thursday September 5:

Syria’s Military Opposition: How Effective, United, or Extremist? – Jeffrey White, Andrew J. Tabler, and Aaron Y. Zelin, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy: 

Belgian Jihadis in Syria – Pieter Van Ostaeyen, Jihadology: 

Friday September 6:

Memo about Syria: Jihadis are people too – Joas Wagemakers, Jihadica: 

Saturday September 7:

66 Important Jihadist Twitter Accounts (part 2) – Nico Prucha and Ali Fisher, Jihadica: 

Backgrounder on the Mujahideen of the Caucasus and the Levant – Mark Youngman, Extremist Russia: 

The North Caucasus Insurgency’s Syrian Balancing Act – Mark Youngman, Jihadology: 

Sunday September 8:

Porous Borders & Boko Haram’s Arms Smuggling Operations in Nigeria – Freedom Onuoha, al-Jazeera Center for Studies: 

Monday September 9:

Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada Emerges: Updates on the New Iraqi Shia Militia Supplying Fighters to Syria – Phillip Smyth, Jihadology: 

Jihadist Terrorism: A Threat Assessment – Peter Bergen, Bruce Hoffman, Michael Hurley, and Erroll Southers, Bipartisan Policy Center: 

A Global Venture to Counter Violent Extremism – Ed Husain, Council on Foreign Relations: 

Syria’s Insurgency: Beyond Good Guys and Bad Guys – Charles Lister, The Middle East Channel: 

Tuesday September 10

The al Qaeda Network: A New Framework for Defining the Enemy – Katie Zimmerman, American Enterprise Institute: 

Al-Qaeda in Syria: A Closer Look at ISIS (Part I) – Aaron Y. Zelin, Washington Institute for Near East Policy: 

al-Qaeda in Iraq Resurgent – Jessica D. Lewis, Institute for the Study of War: 

Al-Qaeda’s continued core strategy and disquieting leader-led trajectory – Bruce Hoffman and Fernando Reinares, Real Instituto Elcano:

Wednesday September 11:

Jihad 2020: Assessing Al-Qaida’s 20-Year Plan – Aaron Y. Zelin, World Politics Review: 

Al-Qaeda in Syria: A Closer Look at ISIS (Part II) – Aaron Y. Zelin, Washington Institute for Near East Policy:

Dear jihadis: A letter from J.M. – J.M. Berger, Intel Wire: 

Thursday September 12:

Uzbek Extremism in Context, Part 1: The Uzbek Jihad and the Problem of Religious Freedom – Noah Tucker, Registan: 

A New Index to Assess the Effectiveness of Al Qaeda – Noman Benotman and Jonathan Russell, Quilliam Foundation:

Monday September 16:

Omar and Me: My strange, frustrating relationship with an American terrorist – J.M. Berger, Foreign Policy: 

Wednesday September 18:

Zawahiri’s “Guideline for Jihad” – Yassin Musharbash, Abu Susu: 

Rise of Militant Salafism in Azerbaijan & Its Regional Implications – Emil Souleimanov and Maya Ehrmann, Middle East Policy: 

Thursday September 19:

An Islamist ‘renaissance’? Religion & politics in post-revolutionary Tunisia – Anne Wolf, The Journal of North African Studies: 

Friday September 20:

Do Excellent Surgeons Make Miserable Exegetes? Negotiating the Sunni Tradition in the ǧihādī Camps – Simon Wolfgang Fuchs, Die Welt des Islams:

In Internet’s Way: Radical, Terrorist Islamists on the Free Highway – Raphael Cohen-Almago, International Journal of Cyber Warfare and Terrorism: 

Sharia courts of the Sinai – Mara Revkin, The Middle East Channel: 

Saturday September 21:

Al-Qaida Advises the Arab Spring: The Case for al-Baghdadi – Joas Wagemakers, Jihadica: 

Tuesday September 24:

The Swedish Foreign Fighter Contingent in Syria – Per Gudmundson, CTC Sentinel: 

Pakistani Fighters Joining the War in Syria – Zia Ur Rehman, CTC Sentinel: 

The Siege in Nairobi – Clinton Watts, Foreign Policy: 

Media Discourse on Jihadist Terrorism in Europe – Sybille Reinke de Buitrago, Journal of Terrorism Research: 

Islamist groups in the UK and recruitment – Mohammed Ilyas, Journal of Terrorism Research: 

Wednesday September 25:

Weathering Morocco’s Syria Returnees – Vish Sakthivel, Washington Institute for Near East Policy: 

Thursday September 26:

Harvest of violence: the neglect of basic rights and the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria – Hakeem O. Yusuf, Critical Studies on Terrorism: 

Dilemmas of “going legit”: why should violent groups engage in or avoid electoral politics? – Susanne Martin, Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression: 

Friday September 27:

The Dangers of Success: Why it’s not so simple to crush and kill al Qaeda affiliates – Dan Byman, Foreign Policy: 

Monday September 30:

Gulf charities and Syrian sectarianism – William McCants, The Middle East Channel: 

Al-Qaeda’s Offensive Against Iraq’s Sahwa – Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Bridget Moreng, War on the Rocks:

Tuesday October 1:

Keeping Score in the War on al-Qaeda – StephenTankel, War On The Rocks: 

Twitter’s Week of Reckoning – J.M. Berger, Foreign Policy: 

Wednesday October 2:

Assessing (In)security after the Arab Spring – John Gledhill, PS: Political Science & Politics: 

Assessing (In)security after the Arab Spring: The Case of Egypt – Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar, PS: Political Science & Politics: 

Assessing (In)security after the Arab Spring: The Case of Yemen – April Longley Alley, PS: Political Science & Politics: 

Assessing (In)security after the Arab Spring: The Case of Libya – Brian McQuinn, PS: Political Science & Politics: 

Conclusion: Managing (In)security in Post-Arab Spring Transitions – John Gledhill, PS: Political Science & Politics: 

The Malian Crisis and its Actors – Dario Cristiani and Riccardo Fabiani, The International Spectator: 

Thursday October 3:

Increasing Numbers of Central Asian Jihadists in Syria – Jacob Zenn, CACI Analyst: 

Al-Qaeda in Iraq Resurgent Part II – Jessica Lewis, Institute for the Study of War: 

The Rise of Persian Salafism – Mehdi Khalaji, Washington Institute for Near East Policy: 

Population Redistribution and Language Spread in the Medieval Muslim World – Ghada Osman, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies: