Articles of the Week – 6/29-8/2

Sunday June 30:

List of Syria-related violent incidents in Australia – Andrew Zammit, The Murphy Raid: 

Monday July 1:

Rebels In Losing War Against Shabab Leader – M. Mubarak, Inside the Insurgency: 

Tuesday July 2:

Somalia: The Godane Coup And The Unraveling Of Al-Shabaab – Hassan M. Abukar, African Arguments: 

Caucasus Emirate Will Try to Stop Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics – North Caucasus Caucus:

Wednesday July 3:

The Songs of Liwa’a Abu Fadl al-Abbas: Militant Iraqi Shia Music & Syria – Phillip Smyth, Jihadology: 

China’s Response to the Revolts in the Arab World: A Case of Pragmatic Diplomacy – Degang Sun & Yahia Zoubir, Mediterranean Politics:

Conflict in Rakhine State in Myanmar: Rohingya Muslims’ Conundrum – Nehginpao Kipgen, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs: 

Sunday July 7:

How Syria’s Civil War Became a Holy Crusade – Thomas Hegghammer and Aaron Y. Zelin, Foreign Affairs:

Salafis After the Coup – Will McCants, Foreign Affairs:

Monday July 8:

ʿAdālat al-Ṣaḥāba: The Construction of a Religious Doctrine – Amr Osman, Arabica: 

Tuesday July 9:

The trouble with radicalization – Peter R Neumann, International Affairs:

Wednesday July 10:

A Clash of Islamic Models – Aylin Uver Noi, Current Trends in Islamist Ideology: 

Tuesday July 16:

Foreign Fighters and Ants: How they form their colonies – Clint Watts, Foreign Policy Research Institute: 

State and religion in a revolutionary era: perspectives and demands of the Islamic awakening – Ridwan Al-Sayyid, Contemporary Arab Affairs: 

Premature Obituaries for Political Islam Fawaz A. Gerges, The Middle East Channel:

Wednesday July 17:

Al Qaeda’s Uncertain Future – Bruce Hoffman, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism: 

Nomads, Islamists, and Soldiers: The Struggles for Northern Mali – Lawrence E. Cline, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism 

Thursday July 18:

The Death of a Top al-Qaeda Commander – Brian O’Neil, Medium:

Contesting Islam through the 2012 Sydney Protests: An Analysis of Post-protest Political Discourse amongst Australian Muslims – Joshua M. Roose, Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations:

Friday July 19:

Mauritania’s Salafi Prisoners: A Release and Some Questions – Alex Thurston, Sahel Blog: 

Saturday July 20:

Liwa’a ‘Ammar Ibn Yasir: A New Shia Militia Operating In Aleppo, Syria – Phillip Smyth, Jihadology: 

Monday July 22:

Making Muslims: The Politics of Religious Identity Construction and Victoria’s Islamic Schools – Yasmin Hassen, Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations: 

Tuesday July 23:

The Risks Posed by Jihadist Hackers – Christopher Heffelfinger, CTC Sentinel:

The Syrian Spillover and Salafist Radicalization in Lebanon – Bilal Y. Saab, CTC Sentinel:

Anti-Muslim Attacks in Myanmar Threaten Uptick in Regional Violence and Islamist Activism – James Brandon, CTC Sentinel:

Zaynab’s Guardians: The Emergence of Shi`a Militias in Syria – Christopher Anzalone, CTC Sentinel:

Al-Qa`ida in the Islamic Maghreb’s Tunisia Strategy Aaron Y. Zelin, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, and Andrew Lebovich, CTC Sentinel:

Tools and Tradeoffs: Confronting U.S. Citizen Terrorist Suspects Abroad – Dan Byman & Benjamin Wittes, Brookings: 

Reflections on 9/11: Australian Muslim and Non-Muslim Responses 10 Years On – Halim Rane & Jacqui Ewart, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs: 

Thursday July 25:

Secularizing Islamism and Islamizing Democracy: The Political and Ideational Evolution of the Egyptian Muslim Brothers 1984–2012 – Sumita Pahwa, Mediterranean Politics: 

Democracy, Civil Liberties and the Role of Religion after the Arab Awakening: Constitutional Reforms in Tunisia and Morocco – Emanuela Dalmasso & Francesco Cavatorta, Mediterranean Politics: 

The ‘Arab Uprising’, Islamists and Democratization – Jeffrey Haynes, Mediterranean Politics: 

Re-emerging Islamism in Tunisia: Repositioning Religion in Politics and Society – Teije Hidde Donker, Mediterranean Politics: 

Moderation through exclusion? The journey of the Tunisian Ennahda from fundamentalist to conservative party – Francesco Cavatorta & Fabio Merone, Democratization: 

Friday July 26:

Alleged Brahmi Killer: Tracing Ties Between Aboubaker el-Hakim, Ansar al-Sharia, and Al-Qaeda – Andrew Lebovich and Aaron Y. Zelin, Tunisia Live:

Relationship between state and religion: Egypt after the revolution – Tarek El-Beshry, Contemporary Arab Affairs: 

Tuesday July 30:

Origins and Dimensions of Instability in Post-Qaddafi Libya – Homeland Security Policy Institute: 

The Lion of Damascus, and Afghans, and Africans! Oh My!: Fighters From Exotic Locales In Syria’s Shia Militias – Phillip Smyth, Jihadology: 

Wednesday July 31:

Syria’s moderate rebels wane as extremist forces dominate – Charles Lister, The National:

Thursday August 1:

Blue-Eyed Jihad – Jenan Moussa and Harald Doornbos, Foreign Policy:

How Al Qaeda Innovates – Assaf Moghadam, Security Studies: