6 Replies to “New English language magazine Azan Issue #1”

  1. Boo hoo drone strikes are killing people who intend to create mass murder and chaos. The United States is here to help people and countries all over the world. It is from your own actions that you have created war in your home country. Focus on your own country, open hospitals, schools, day care, create infrustructure, allow women to vote. I support drone strikes and there effectiveness in killing the enemy with out endagering American lives!!!! #USAbestcountryintheworld #USAheretohelptheworld

  2. Speaking as a Christian layman, the bottom line for sincere Islamic believers appears to be that all other religions are deathly wrong and should be eliminated from the face of the Earth. For its adherents, “Islam” has grown into an abstract “idol” that overrides with hostility the morals and values of all other ways to see past the veil of this life. In the worldwide arena it is rigid Islam against every other political or religious idea.

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