New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding the Hunger Strike by Inmates in Guantánamo"

For the past three months, inmates at the notorious Guantanamo prison have been on a hunger strike which started and is ongoing due to the inhumane treatment of prisoners as well as desecration of Islamic sanctities by the American guards.

According to our information, the atmosphere inside the prison violates all established international human right charters where the inmates are treated inhumanely. Even now, the oppressed and ill prisoners on strike are facing physical and mental abuses at the hands of the American troops.
Even though many of the crimes carried out inside the prison are kept secret however what has been reported by the media recently suggest that the conditions inside the prison are very distressing. Media reports say that over a hundred inmates are in dire conditions facing a life and death situation, adding that American officials have dispatched forty military doctors to force feed the prisoners on hunger strike. A defense lawyer told media that conditions inside that prison are deplorable and a stain on humanity. The said lawyer further says that more than half of the inmates are forced fed by soldiers and their doctors through pipes inserted into their noses. One of the head of doctor’s union describes such actions as a shameful crime and a clear violation of medical ethics.
The American officials, instead of accepting the legitimate demands of the prisoners, are trying to kill the spirit of the protesting inmates with such coercive behavior and are retaliating to their screams for justice with brutality, all of which are actions violating all human rights and every charter enshrined in the laws of humanity.
The strikes in Guantanamo began several months ago after the American soldiers’ desecrated copies of Holy Quran inside the prison and despite the condition of prisoners reaching a frightening level, the world’s humanitarian conscious is still oblivious and is treating this humanitarian crisis as a political issue.
If the international humanitarian institutions, human right organizations, United Nations and other organizations are biased in this issue to protect stature of America then the international, regional and national Islamic and humanitarian establishments and individuals must drop this burden from their shoulders by raising their voices in protest against this American inhumanity.
The Islamic Emirate, which considers the ongoing atrocity in Guantanamo as a crime against humanity and a historical disgrace for mankind, calls on the entire Islamic world, Islamic societies and respected personalities, all the international human right organizations, media groups and charitable organizations to show their opposition and raise their voices against this unlawful action of the American officials as part of their duty and humanitarian obligation. The Islamic Emirate similarly calls on all writers, journalists and professionals to condemn the actions of America carried out against inmates in the infamous Guantanamo prison for the defense of human dignity and to fulfill their religious and humanitarian obligation.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
11/02/1392         01/05/2013


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