Articles of the Week – 4/6-4/12

Tuesday April 9:
Introducing the “Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria” – Cole Bunzel, Jihadica: 
Is the Taleban Insurgency a Holy or an Unholy War? An Afghan-Pakistani ulema debate – Borhan Osman, Afghanistan Analysts Network: 
AQI + S = ISIGS – Yassin Musharbash, Abu Susu Blog:
Al-Qaeda Announces an Islamic State in Syria – Aaron Y. Zelin, Washington Institute for Near East Policy: 
Wednesday April 10:
Jabhat al-Nusra responds – Yassin Musharbash, Abu Susu Blog: 
Welcome to the Islamic State of Syria – Brian Fishman, Foreign Policy:
Thursday April 11:
Secularism and Islam: The Theological Predicament – Olivier Roy, The International Spectator: 
Salafism in Tunisia: An Interview with a Member of Ansar al-Sharia – Fabio Merone, Jadaliyya: 
Friday April 12:
Islamists and Democracy: Cautions from Pakistan – Husain Haqqani, Journal of Democracy: 
The Strange Case of the White Jihadist of Timbuktu – Harald Doornbos and Jenan Moussa, Foreign Policy: