Articles of the Week – 3/16-3/22

Monday March 18:

The Arrest of Osama bin Laden’s Son-in-law – Michael W. S. Ryan, Terrorism Monitor: 

Tuesday March 19:

Syria’s Salafi Insurgents: Rise of the Syrian Islamic Front – Aron Lund, Swedish Institute of International Affairs: 

Islamic law states and the International Court of Justice – Emilia Justyna Powell, Journal of Peace Research: 

The Jihadi from the Block – Peter Tinti, Foreign Policy: 

Wednesday March 20:

The 18th Document Or: News from Abottabad – Yassin Musharbash, Abu Susu Blog: 

Are the Jihadi Forums Flagging? An Ideologue’s Lament – Cole Bunzel, Jihadica: 

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Calls on North African Jihadists to Fight in Sahel, Not Syria – Camille Tawil, Terrorism Monitor: 

Thursday March 21:

Islamist Militias Take to the Streets as Egyptians Look for Solutions to Internal Security Crisis – Andrew McGregor, Terrorism Monitor: 

Friday March 22:

The Glocalisation of Al Qaedaism – Prem Mahadevan, ISN: 

A militant Islamist/jihadi nexus is emerging in northern & eastern Syria – Charles Lister:

The Jihadist from Phoenix – Ilan Ben Zion and Greg Tepper, Foreign Policy: