Articles of the Week – 3/2-3/8

Saturday March 2:

Characteristics of Lone-Wolf Violent Offenders: a Comparison of Assassins and School Attackers – Clark McCauley, Sophia Moskalenko, and Benjamin Van Son, Perspectives on Terrorism:

‘Bomb-Making for Beginners’: Inside al Al-Qaeda E-Learning Course – Anne Stenersen, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Thursday March 7:

The Emerging Red-Green Alliance: Where Political Islam Meets the Radical Left – Emmanuel Karagiannis and Clark McCauley, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Coming to Believe “Truths” About Islamist Radicalization in Europe – Daniela Pisoiu, Terrorism and Political Violence:

“How to Fight Savage Tribes”: The Global War on Terror in Historical Perspective – Erik Ringmar, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Considering al-Qa’ida’s Innovation Doctrine: From Strategic Texts to “Innovation in Practice” – Brian A. Jackson and Bryce Loidolt, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Do Drone Strikes Degrade Al Qaeda? Evidence From Propaganda Output – Megan Smith and James Igoe Walsh, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Tunisia’s Post-Revolution Blues – Aaron Y. Zelin, Foreign Affairs:

Youth Politics and Tunisian Salafism: Understanding the Jihadi Current – Monica Marks, Mediterranean Politics:

African Development Surge Could Play into AQIM Narrative – Nathaniel Greenberg, Center for Strategic Communication:

Friday March 8: 

Has online jihadist radicalisation been overhyped? – Andrew Zammit:

The Growing Alliance between Uzbek Extremists and the Pakistani Taliban – Jacob Zenn, Terrorism Monitor:

An Analysis of Abu Mus’ab al-Suri’s “Call to Global Islamic Resistance” – M.W. Zackie, Journal of Strategic Security:

Meeting Tunisia’s Ansar al-Sharia – Aaron Y. Zelin, The Middle East Channel: