Articles of the Week – 12/15/12-1/4/13

Saturday December 15:
Illuminating the Global Suicide-Attack Network – Benjamin Acosta & Steven J. Childs, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:
Monday December 17: 
Curbing Violence in Nigeria (I)- The Jos Crisis – International Crisis Group:
The Last Stand of Somalia’s Jihad – James Verini, Foreign Policy:
Tuesday December 18:
Security Challenges in Libya and the Sahel – Sarah Vogler, CNA:
Thursday December 20:
All (Syrian) Politics Is Local – Hassan Hassan, Foreign Policy:
Friday December 21: 
No Lone Wolves In Cyberspace – Gabriel Weimann, Yale Global:
Saturday December 22:
Australian jihadism at the end of 2012, part I: before 2012 – Andrew Zammit:
Early Perspectives on the Mali Crisis from a Jihadist Forum (I) – Kal, The Moor Next Door:
Wednesday December 26:
Anatomy of an Air Attack Gone Wrong – Letta Tayler, Foreign Policy:
Sowing the Wind/ Three years of strikes in Yemen – Gregory Johnsen, Waq al-Waq:
Thursday December 27:
After Al-Shabaab – Ioannis Gatsiounis, Currents Trends in Islamist Ideology:
Ansar al-Sharia and Governance in Southern Yemen – Robin Simcox, Currents Trends in Islamist Ideology:
The Jordanian Brotherhood in the Arab Spring – Jacob Amis, Currents Trends in Islamist Ideology:
Egypt’s Looming Competitive Theocracy – Eric Trager, Currents Trends in Islamist Ideology:
Australian jihadism at the end of 2012, part II: key events in 2012 – Andrew Zammit:
Saturday December 29:
Sons of Beaches: How Alexandria’s Ideological Battles Shape Egypt – Amro Ali, Jadaliyya:
Sunday December 30:
Of Threats and Bounties – Gregory Johnsen, Waq al-Waq:
Monday December 31:
‘Abd al-Rauf al-Dhahab and Bad Intel – Gregory Johnsen, Waq al-Waq:
Thursday January 3:
The Muslim World League in Europe: An Islamic Organization to serve the Saudi Strategic Interests? – Samir Amghar, Journal of Muslims in Europe:
Conversion to Islam in Ireland: A Post-Catholic Subjectivity? – Yafa Shanneik, Journal of Muslims in Europe:
Beyond the domestication of Islam in Europe: A reflection on past and future research on Islam in European societies – Thijl Sunier, Journal of Muslims in Europe:
Somalia, Its Neighbours And Al-Shabaab: The Quest For Sustainable Solutions – Seifulaziz Milas, African Arguments:
In Their Own Words? Methodological Considerations in the Analysis of Terrorist Autobiographies – Mary Beth Altier, John Horgan, and Christian Thoroughgood – Journal of Strategic Security:
How Obama Decides Your Fate If He Thinks You’re a Terrorist -Dan Byman and Benjamin Wittes, The Atlantic:
Did Awlaki Really Help the 9/11 Hijackers? – J.M. Berger, Foreign Policy:
Friday January 4: 
The Paradox of Islam’s Future – Raymond W. Baker, Political Science Quarterly: