Jihadology presents Think Tank/NGO/Policy/Gov Reports and Articles of 2012, Part II

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Alexis Arieff — Algeria and the Crisis in Mali

Andrew Lebovich — Northern Mali- the Politics of Ethnicity and Locality

Andrew Lebovich — The Black Flag Flies in Mali

Andrew Lebovich — Trying to Understand MUJWA

Andrew Lebovich — What to Make of Foreign Fighters in Mali

Andrew McGregor — Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood: Alternative Visions of an Islamist Egypt

Andrew Walker — What Is Boko Haram?

Arab Uprisings: New Opportunities for Political Science

Barah Mikaïl — Religion and Politics in Arab Transitions

Brian Fishman — The Evidence of Jihadist Activity in Syria

Camille Tawil — The Changing Face of the Jihadist Movement in Libya

Christian Bleuer — Instability in Tajikistan? The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and the Afghanistan Factor

Christopher Anzalone — Kenya’s Muslim Youth Center and Al-Shabab’s East African Recruitment

Christopher Anzalone — New kid on the block: An al-Qaeda leader ascends

Christopher Anzalone — Revisiting Shaykh Atiyyatullah’s Works on Takfir and Mass Violence

Christopher Anzalone — The End of a Romance? The Rise and Fall of an American Jihadi: Omar Hammami’s Relationship with Somalia’s Al-Shabab

Christopher Anzalone — The Evolution of an American Jihadi: The Case of Omar Hammami

Christopher Anzalone — The Formalizing of an Affiliation: Somalia’s Harakat al-Shabab al-Mujahideen & Al-Qa’ida Central

Clint Watts and Andrew Lebovich — Hammami’s Plight Amidst al-Shabaab and al-Qaeda’s Game of Thrones

Conflict in Yemen: Abyan’s Darkest Hour

Derek Jones — Understanding the Form, Function, and Logic of Clandestine Insurgent and Terrorist Networks- The First Step in Effective Counternetwork Operations

Elizabeth O’Bagy — Jihad in Syria