Jihadology presents Academic Journal Articles of 2012, Part III

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Leor Halevi — The Consumer Jihad- Boycott Fatwas and Nonviolent Resistence on the World Wide Web
Lisa Blaydes and Drew A. Linzer — Elite Competition, Religiosity, and Anti-Americanism in the Islamic World
Luke Treadwell — Qur’anic Inscriptions on the Coins of the ahl al-bayt from the Second to Fourth Century AH
M.A. Muqtedar Khan — American Exceptionalism and American Muslims
M.A.S. Abdel Haleem — The jizya Verse (Q. 9:29): Tax Enforcement on Non-Muslims in the First Muslim State
Manuel R. Torres Soriano — Between the Pen and the Sword- The Global Islamic Media Front in the West
Manuel R. Torres Soriano — The Vulnerabilities of Online Terrorism
Maria do Céu Pinto — An evaluation of the jihadist threat in Portugal
Matenia Sirseloudi — The Meaning of Religion and Identity for the Violent Radicalisation of the Turkish Diaspora in Germany
Mathieu Duchatel — The Terrorist Risk and China’s Policy toward Pakistan- strategic reassurance and the ‘United Front’
Matt Buehler — Safety-Valve Elections and the Arab Spring: The Weakening (and Resurgence) of Morocco’s Islamist Opposition Party
Meir Hatina — Redeeming Sunni Islam- Al-Qa‘ida’s Polemic against the Muslim Brethren
Michael Vlahos — Counterterrorism and the New American Exceptionalism
Mieke van Dijk and Edien Bartels — “European Islam” in Practice—in the Bosnian City of Sarajevo
Mohammad Salama and Rachel Friedman — Locating the Secular in Sayyid Qutb
Mohsen Kadivar — From Traditional Islam to Islam as an End in Itself
Mona Abdel-Fadil — Islam offline—living ‘The message’ behind the screens
Mona Kanwal Sheikh — Sacred Pillars of Violence- Findings from a Study of the Pakistani Taliban
Muhammad Haniff Hassan and Zulkifli Mohamed — Inside an Indonesian Online Library for Radical Materials
Muhammad Qasim Zaman — Shari’a and the State in Pakistan
Nathan J. Brown — Debating the Islamic Shari’a in 21st Century Egypt
Noman Hanif — Hizb ut Tahrir- Islam’s Ideological Vanguard
Patrick B. Johnston — Does Decapitation Work?- Assessing the Effectiveness of Leadership Targeting in Counterinsurgency Campaigns
Paul D. Numrich — Emergence of the Rhetoric of a Unified Ummah among American Muslims- The Case of Metropolitan Chicago
Randy Borum — Radicalization into Violent Extremism I- A Review of Social Science Theories