Articles of the Week – 12/8-12/14

Saturday December 8:
Do Terrorist Attacks Increase Closer to Elections? – Lindsay Shorr Newman, Terrorism and Political Violence:
Religion, Government Coalitions, and Terrorism – Nil S. Satana, Molly Inman & Jóhanna Kristín Birnir, Terrorism and Political Violence:
The Electoral Terrorist: Terror Groups and Democratic Participation – Robert Brathwaite, Terrorism and Political Violence:
Hamas as a Political Party: Democratization in the Palestinian Territories – Tavishi Bhasin & Maia Carter Hallward, Terrorism and Political Violence:
Safety-Valve Elections and the Arab Spring: The Weakening (and Resurgence) of Morocco’s Islamist Opposition Party – Matt Buehler, Terrorism and Political Violence:
Tuesday December 11:
The potential for collaboration between Islamists & Western left-wing extremists: theoretical & empirical introduction – Gary A. Ackerman & Jeffrey M. Bale, Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict:
Language & Conflict: The Political History of Arabisation in Sudan & Algeria – Heather J. Sharkey, Studies in Ethnicity & Nationalism:
Rally ‘Round the Jihadist – Aaron Y. Zelin, Foreign Policy:
Thursday December 13:
The New Face of Al-Qaeda in Pakistan – Gohar Abbas, ISN:
Emergence of the Rhetoric of a Unified Ummah among American Muslims: The Case of Metropolitan Chicago – Paul D. Numrich, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs:
“European Islam” in Practice—in the Bosnian City of Sarajevo – Mieke van Dijk & Edien Bartels, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs:
Arabization and Its Discontents: The Rise of the Amazigh Movement in North Africa – Bruce Maddy-Weitzman, The Journal of the Middle East and Africa:
Why Did the US kill ‘Adnan al-Qadhi? – Gregory Johnsen, Waq al-Waq:
Friday December 14:
Debating the Islamic Shari’a in 21st Century Egypt – Nathan J. Brown, The Review of Faith & International Affairs:
Shari’a in the Politics of Saudi Arabia – Frank E. Vogel, The Review of Faith & International Affairs:
Ethical Not Shari’a Islam: Islamic Debates in Turkey – Hakan M. Yavuz, The Review of Faith & International Affairs:
Shari’a in Afghanistan – Thomas J. Barfield, The Review of Faith & International Affairs:
Shari’a and the State in Pakistan – Muhammad Qasim Zaman, The Review of Faith & International Affairs:
Shari’a Politics and Indonesian Democracy – Robert W. Hefner, The Review of Faith & International Affairs:
Inside an Indonesian Online Library for Radical Materials – Muhammad Haniff Hassan and Zulkifli Mohamed, Perspectives on Terrorism: