Articles of the Week – 9/15-9/21

Sunday September 16:
Salafis in parliament: Democratic Attitudes and party politics in the gulf – Steve L. Monroe, The Middle East Journal:
Monday September 17:
Libya’s Jihadist Minority – Omar Ashour, Project Syndicate:
Jihad in Syria – Elizabeth O’Bagy, Institute for the Study of War:
Drone Warfare in Yemen: Fostering Emirates Through Counterterrorism? – Leila Hudson, Colin S. Owens, and David J. Callen, Middle East Policy:
Tuesday September 18:
Fatwa calling for the death of the director, producer, and actors involved in making the film ‘Innocence of Islam’ – Nico Prucha, Jihadica:
Wednesday September 19:
The Sources of Salafi Conduct: Harsh Politics in the New Middle East – William McCants, Foreign Affairs:
Thursday September 20:
Pundits Seeking Al Qaeda Connection To Libya Violence – Clint Watts, Selected Wisdom:
Friday September 21:
Know Your Ansar al-Sharia – Aaron Y. Zelin, Foreign Policy:
Fatwa on the Permissibility of Killing an Ambassador – Joas Wagemakers, Jihadica: