New statement from the Muslim Youth Center: "Open Letter To Our Beloved Amīr Abū al-Zubayr"


Dear Beloved Amir Abu Zubeyr
We thank Allah for preserving you for the mujahideen in Somalia and Kenya, and ask that Allah continue to preserve you to continue your wise and benevolent leadership over the mujahideen.
On behalf of the mujahideen in Kenya MYC is sending an open communication and plea to you our beloved Amir about the propaganda and reports that the murtad Sheikh Shariff was responsible for the planning of the martyrdom operation against the selected president murtad Hassan Sheikh (see:, and that the mujahideen are about to welcome back the murtad Sheikh Shariff into Al-Shabaab.
As our beloved Amir knows, MYC under the leadership of its Amir Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali (May Allah keep him strong and focused for the mujahideen in East Africa), has pledged allegiance to your wise leadership through Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali’s message on the “Bayah of the Mujahideen” released to the mujahideen of Kenya in March 2012. This allegiance is one that both MYC and the mujahideen in Kenya will continue to pledge and bear witness.
However, dear beloved Amir, the propaganda being spread by the kuffars and in their media that the martyrdom operation against the current murtad in Villa Somalia on 12 September 2012 was not an operation by the mujahideen (Al-Shabaab) but by a murtad that has betrayed the mujahideen is a cause for concern to many mujahideen.  We say cause for concern because the mujahideen know that this operation was indeed executed by our beloved brothers from Al-Shabaab who have all been elevated to Jannah. For the kuffar to be aloud to spread this desperate propaganda is but an attempt by the kuffar to divide and sow disunity within the mujahideen. Allah knows that the kuffar will fail in his futile attempts to divide us but rather he will unite the mujahideen in East Africa.
Our unity dear beloved Amir, means that the murtad Sheikh Shariff must never be allowed to rehabilitate himself or be allowed to rejoin the global struggle against the kuffar. As our beloved Amir knows too well, this murtad (Sheikh Shariff) was and still remains a puppet of the West and Ethiopia. Irrespective of the West and Ethiopia discarding murtad Sheikh Shariff, there can be no sanctuary for him within the warmth of the mujahideen.
We say unto you our beloved Amir the same words our Amir Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali said in March of this year: “know that the flag of Tawheed is already raised all over the world and everyone should be prepared to join the caravan of Jihad”. MYC is already on board this caravan and we are encourage others to join but we seek your wisdom in rejecting the likes of murtad Sheikh Shariff or overtures of murtads that seek to deceive the mujahideen.
We ask that Allah continue to protect you for the mujahideen in East Africa.
Press Office