New statement from the The Muslim Youth Center: "Presidential Selection in Somalia"

Mererani (12/09/2012) – As part of the Great Satan’s and its Kuffar coalition’s plot to keep peace-loving Somalis under occupation they have again engineered false hopes to deceive Muslims by selecting another  Muslim puppet to serve their interests. MYC continues to reject any attempt by the Kuffar-led Great Satan to impose puppet governments on its Muslim brothers and sisters in Somalia.
The obvious selection of Hassan Sheikh as the so-called ‘president’ is not a step forward for Muslims in Somalia but a reinforcement of what has become the signature of the Kuffars in Somalia: oppression and occupation.
MYC urges the people of Somalia to reject such calculated attempts by the Kuffars to keep Islam under Western occupation by using apostates such as Hassan Sheikh.  Somalia will only be free when the ever-present hand of the Kuffar has been severed permanently from Somalia. This can only be achieved through the sacrifices that our beloved brothers in Al-Shabaab are making.
As part of realizing a Kuffar-free Somalia, MYC will continue to stand and fight alongside our beloved brothers in Al-Shabaab to rid our Muslim land free of enemies of Allah.
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  1. It is indeed only fitting to call this farce a “selection”, rather than a proper “election”, which would involve a vote among the majority of the population between a choice of any candidates who run for office. Instead of a even a representatively “democratic” process, what occurred in Somalia is a private vote among 275 Somali parliamentarians, who were themselves chosen by the leaders of Somali tribes, to select the next president of the TFG (which controls very little territory from what I hear, most being under the control of Kenya, AMISOM, and Al-Shabaab). To add to all of this, the new president of “Somalia” (read: the TFG) was chosen through bribes, money paid reportedly from Gulf Arab countries. The Shabaab may be a rather intolerant militia as a government, but the TFG militia is incredibly corrupt.

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