Articles of the Week – 7/14-7/20

Monday July 16:

Qur’an Verses Study: A Response to Our Critics – Jeffry Halverson, Center for Strategic Communication:

How Indonesian Extremists Regroup – International Crisis Group:

Tuesday July 17:

Islamism in the Popular Imagination – Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Lauren Morgan, Gunpowder and Lead:

Lebanon’s Salafi scarePosted – Geneive Abdo, The Middle East Channel:

Wednesday July 18:

Who is Jabhat al-Islah? -Aaron Y. Zelin, Sada Journal:

Thursday July 19:

Learning to Live With the Islamist Winter – Tamara Cofman Wittes, Foreign Policy:

Algeria and the Crisis in Mali – Alexis Arieff, Institut Français des Relations Internationales:

Friday July 20:

Democracy, Salafi Style – Aaron Y. Zelin, Foreign Policy: