Articles of the Week – 6/23-6/29

Monday June 25:
The “Malfeasance” of ‘Counter-Jihad/Creeping Shariah’ Trainers – Jarret Brachman, Cronus Global Blog:
Tuesday June 26:
Prepare for Blackout – Yassin Musharbash, Abu Susu Blog:
Wednesday June 27:
Can we declare the war on al Qaeda over? – Mary Habeck, Shadow Government:
Thursday June 28:
Counterterrorism 2012: No Drones, No Detention, No Intervention – Clint Watts, Selected Wisdom:
The Salafi Awakening – Dan Byman and Zack Gold, The National Interest:
What Might the Muslim Brotherhood Do with al-Azhar? Religious Authority in Egypt – Rachel M. Scott, Die Welt des Islams:
The Debate that Wasn’t – Gregory Johnsen, Waq al-Waq: