Articles of the Week – 4/14-4/20

Tuesday April 17: 
Struggle for reform: contested conceptualizations of iṣlāḥ in the Maghreb – J. Amoretti & J. Fuentes, The Muslim World:
Islam in China: From Silk Road to Separatism – Melanie Jones-Leaning and Douglas Pratt, The Muslim World:
al-Shabaab & al-Qaeda Merger: An AQAP-Yemen Exit Strategy for Godane? – Clint Watts, Selected Wisdom:
Wednesday April 18: 
AQAP’s Big Dilemma – Gregory Johnsen, Waq al-Waq:
Thursday April 19: 
Qur’ānic cosmography in its historical perspective: some notes on the formation of a religious worldview – Damien Janos, Religion:
A Balancing Act: Ennahda’s Struggle with Salafis – Aaron Y. Zelin and Erik Churchill, Sada Journal:
A Net Assessment of al-Qaeda – Will McCants, Jihadica:
Signature Strikes in Yemen – Gregory Johnsen, Waq al-Waq:
Heaven On Earth: A Non-Hysterical History of Shari’ah – Haroon Moghul interviews Sadakat Kadri, Religion Dispatches:
Islamists and Education in the Arab World – Muhammad Faour, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace:
Friday April 20:
New kid on the block: An al-Qaeda leader ascends – Christopher Anzalone, The AfPak Channel: