Articles of the Week – 3/24-3/30

Saturday March 24:

France’s Jihadist Shooter Was No Lone Wolf – Jytte Klausen, The Wall Street Journal:

Monday March 26:

Online Attribution of the French Killer – Clement Guitton, Kings of War:

Kazakh connection in French killings – Jacob Zenn, Asia Times:

Tuesday March 27:

Interesting Arrest in Spain – Yassin Musharbash, AbuSusu Blog:

Islamic Revival as Development: Discourses on Islam, Modernity, and Democracy since the 1950s – Ermin Sinanović, Politics, Religion & Ideology:

European Converts to Islam: Mechanisms of Radicalization – Emmanuel Karagiannis, Politics, Religion & Ideology:

On Terrorism Experts – Andrew Exum, AbuMuqawama Blog:

Wednesday March 28:

Nigeria: Boko Haram’s School Burning Campaign – Alex Thurston, Sahel Blog:

Thursday March 29: 

Deciphering Hammami Scenarios & Shabaab Splits – Clint Watts, Selected Wisdom:

Friday March 30:

Uncovering the French-speaking jihadisphere: An exploratory analysis – Benjamin Ducol, Media, War & Conflict:

What’s love got to do with it? Framing ‘JihadJane’ in the US press – Maura Conway, Media, War & Conflict: