Articles of the Week – 3/10-3/16

Monday March 12, 2012:
Muhammad Ilyâs Kashmîrî’s death has been confirmed – Mr. Orange’s War Tracker:
Why Did the Taliban Kill a Chinese Student in Peshawar? – Jacob Zenn, Registan:
AQIM, Nigeria, articles, numbers – Cross the Green Mountain:
Tuesday March 13, 2012:
Israeli Intelligence and al-Qaeda – Shlomo Shpiro, International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence:
Why Is President Obama Keeping a Journalist in Prison in Yemen? – Jeremy Scahill, The Nation:
Wednesday March 14, 2012:
“Cut Off The Head Of The Dead Body”- Al-Qaida Strategy Paper Discovered In Berlin – Florian Flade, [email protected] Blog:
Pakistani Taliban join Twitter, threaten rights activists – Jehangir Hafsi, Let Us Build Pakistan:
Thursday March 15, 2012:
(Alleged) Qaida-Documents surface in German Trial – Yassin Musharbash, Abu Susu:
Thursday March 16, 2012:
The Denver Post’s Astounding Coverage of the Mukhtarov Case – Joshua Foust, Registan: