New statement from al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula: “Details on the Recent Military Operations in Abyan, Ḥaḍramawt, al-Bayḍā’, and Ṣan’ā'”

UPDATE 3/6/12 9:31 PM: Here is an English translation of the below Arabic statement:

In the name of Allah most Merciful most Glorious

Praise be to Allah who said (To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight), because they are wronged;- and verily, Allah is most powerful for their aid( [Surah Hajj: v.39]

Peace and Blessings be upon the Prophet of Mercy and Battle who has been sent with sword as a mercy for the world, and on his family and companions ..

and after

This is a Detailed Report about the latest Military Operations in Abyan, Hadramout, Baidaa, and Sanaa, for the period between 9th till 11th Rabi Akhir 1433H:

1. Fridary 9 Rabi’ Akhir 1433H / 2 March 2012: Detonation of an IED on a Senior Officer in the Brigade 111 that’s based in Lauder. 

2. Saturday 10 Rabi’ Akhir 1433 H / 3 March 2012: a Martyrdom Operation with a Car Bomb that targeted the leadership headquarters of the Republic Guard in Baidaa, and resulted in the Full Destruction of the building and the death of most of those who were in it, this comes after the ascending crimes of the Republic Guard in Baidaa, and because of these people came out in demonstration and protests against these crimes of these forces.

3. Saturday 10 Rabi’ Akhir 1433H / 3 March 2012: Detonation of there directed IEDs on a camp for the Central Security in the district of Bwish in the city of Mukalla – Hadramout State, which had resulted in some deaths and injuries.

4. Saturday 10 Rabi’ Akhir 1433H / 3 March 2012: Death of Deputy Director of Security of Sbam – Hadramawt by firing squad. 

5. Sunday: 11 Rabi’ Akhir 1433H / 4 March 2012: The Mujahideen held a series of ” The cutting of the tail ” military operations on the forces of Sanaa’s government on the outskirts of the city of Zunjubar in Abyan State, we’ll view it’s details in the Following: 

First : The Operations:

– Detonation of a Car Bomb on some buildings of Sanaa’s Forces in AlKod, resulted in the destruction of three buildings and the death and injury of tens of soldiers and officers. 
– Detonation of several directed IED’s on an Army building, resulted in it’s destruction and the death and injury of several soldiers. 
– An Attack on and breaking into the Guns Battalion based near the new Iron factory in Dofs and killing, injuring, and arresting tens of soldiers. 

Second: The Results: 

– The Death of nearly 100 soldiers and officers and the injury of other 150 – also the arrest of 73 soldiers and officers. 
– The Martyrdom of 2 of the Mujahideen and the injury of 13 others with mild and moderate injuries. 

Third: The Spoils: 

A Tank – Anti-Air weapon Caliber 23 four barreled – Katiosha rocket launcher and 15 rockets – 120mm Mortar – 5 Dushkas – 3 Pikas – 2 RPGs – 100 Kalashnikovs – various ammunitions store – Kraz Truck – 3 Military Cars – 2 Ambulances – a large amount of above-mentioned weapons ammunition. 

Fourth: Enemy’s Losses in Arms: 

– Destruction of 3 Katiusha rocket launchers – Two Tanks – 3 Kraz Trucks – 12 Field Artilleries type DC – in addition to burning of an ammunition store. 

6. On the same day in Sanaa, the mujahideen detonated a military airplane of the Yemeni Air Force in AL Dailamy military Base which was carrying weapons for Adan and Hadramout, the detonation has been made after infiltrating into the base and planting and IED inside the plane. 

The operations of ” the tail cut ” came after the deadline put by the puppet government of Sanaa for invading Abyan has been finished – as they say -, this government which makes dialogue with everyone including the Rafida Huthi’s, which are continuing in their fight with Ahl AL Sunna, and wreak havoc on the land in Saada, Hijja, and Imran .. while this government assesses wars against who wants to apply the Shari’a just to satisfy America and the Crusader West. 

(And Allah has full power and control over His affairs; but most mankind don’t know)
Base of Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula 
12 Rabi’ Thani 1433H 

Source: ( AL-Fajr Media Center )



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