New article from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Inspirational-Giving Day"

It is 32 years to the day, beginning on the date Feb, 22, 1980 since the Afghan Muslim nation launched the popular uprising against the former Soviet Union in the heart of Kabul city, the Afghan capital.
The residence of Kabul man and women consisting of the students of the schools and university and masses rose in revolt shouting “Allah-o-Akbar” “Death to Russia” Down with Kahligqi-Parchami (People’s Democratic Party)” the
slaves and puppets of Russians.
Despite the use of every possible tool and means within their power and their shower of bullets and massacre of the empty-handed Afghan masses to suppress and crush the popular revolution in much the same way as the current invaders and their puppets today, the then barbaric Red Army and their conscienceless minions were unable to stop the waves of unrest from engulfing entire Kabul city.
The determined Afghan sisters, with indomitable bravery and selfless sacrifice, rose up against the then regime alongside their brothers in the national rising on February 22nd 1980 among whom the name of the legendary woman popularly known asNahid-i-Shahidor Nahid the Martyred will be forever honored and engraved in the Afghan history.
Kabul’s national uprising, regarded as miracle of the century, paved the ways to an inspirational countrywide revolution and Jahidic resistance throughout the country that not only put an end to the Red Empire with its all arrogance but also sank it under its stormy waves.
We are celebrating this historic day when our country being librating from the tyrannical grip of the former Red invasion only tofall under the claws of tyrannical white, yellow, and black occupiersIn place of the former non-conscientious Khalqi-Parcham minions, the existing unprincipled puppets, the slaves of the America selling their soul, religion and country, are in power.
We have just witnessed the most shocking inhuman crime in the history of Afghans on the part of the Americans who frantically burned 300 copies of Holy Quran in the largest military base, Bagram Airbase, what is a most brazen desecration of the Muslims’ most sacred book, the “Holy Quran” in public which is considered the worst kind of blasphemy, the most alarming in a series of hundreds of the atrocities and savageries previously committed by American invaders.

The Afghan nation as a remainder of the very day launched an extremely fierce countrywide protest on Feb. 22nd, 2012 in Kabul, Nangarhar in several other parts of the country which has carried into its fifth day and is likely to be going on to practically condemn such heinous act of blasphemy by the Americans. Besides, some of the angry protesters, empty-handed and unarmed, even stormed the US invaders military base in some parts of the country in retaliation for this

The self-styled and non-influential puppet administration of Karazai rather than collaborating and assisting its Afghan nation in this popular protest, joined forces with the US occupiers and its NATO allies in suppressing the protest and began shooting at and arresting demonstrators in much the same way and for much same reason as the former Babrak Karmal regime.
Afghans take pride in the fact that they posses several proud days as this which witness great heroism and bravery of legendary Afghans.
The foreign occupation forces, taking a lesson from our historical background, are supposed to get the idea of exacerbating rift among our nation out of their minds and avoid harassing the Afghans and violating our sacrosanctities.
Finally, let us up hope long life to memory of the martyrs to honor the memory of those who laid their lives on the day 32 years ago; may their souls rest in peace.