New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "On the Occasion of the 23rd Anniversary of the Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan"

Exactly 23 years from today, the occupying soldiers of the former Soviet Union wept as they withdrew from Afghanistan. The occupying troops of the Soviet Union of yesterday, just like the barbaric soldiers of America and other crusaders of today
invaded our beloved homeland and for exactly ten years, they barbarically spilled the blood of its heroic Afghan people in order to subdue them. But in the end and after the Jihad, struggle and countless sacrifices of this gallant nation, it faced such a humiliating defeat that the whole red empire collapsed and the atheist communist ideology became a laughing stock of the entire world.
Historically, the Afghans can declare this commemorative day as a day of salvation of the entire humanity from the evil of communism because as a consequence of their Islamic Jihad against the Soviet, not only did Afghanistan gain its independence but it also served as the driving force behind rescuing all the subdued central Asian nations from the evil of communism and from the clutches of the rule of the soviet empire.
Today, on the anniversary of this commemorative day, the invading forces of America and her allies in Afghanistan, with the help of Almighty Allah are facing the exact same fate as the former intrusive Russians did due to the blessed legitimate Jihad of the Afghan people.
The occupying Russians, after testing its strength against the gallant Afghans for a decade learnt that staying in the home of the Afghan Mujahid nation means nothing more than self destruction and with this realization, it fashioned a way for its departure under the cover of Geneva Accords and unconditionally withdrew all its forces.  But the Americans still want to keep testing the proven Afghans and are attempting, through various unjustifiable reasons and under disastrous conditions, to stay in Afghanistan.
On the occasion of this historical day of the retreat of the occupying Soviet forces, the arrogant Americans must take lessons from the previous humiliating invasions of the British and Soviets, seize their hands from this vain confrontation with the heroic Afghans and immediately withdraw all of its forces from Afghanistan.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan would like to congratulate its Mujahid nation and the entire Muslim Ummah collectively on the occasion of this celebratory day. We ask Allah to grant us the same victory against today’s occupying crusader Americans as it did against yesterday’s atheist Communists.