New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding the Despicable Actions Carried Out by British Soldiers Against Afghan Children"

This is the second time in the past two weeks that people have learnt of western invading forces in Afghanistan trampling on Afghan values and have unquestionably affirmed the claims of Islamic Emirate that the foreign invaders have occupied our country to
violate our honor and dignity. We are once again witnesses to the anti-human crime, the target of which is regrettably once again our defenseless, oppressed and subdued countrymen. This time it is the British forces that have compelled two ten year old children (a boy and a girl) to touch the private parts of a few savage animals (soldiers) of the so called civilized world which they have also notoriously videotaped.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan vehemently condemns this immoral and shameful act and points to this as an example of the ethical standards of the occupying soldiers. We call on our respected, honorable and distinguished nation to fortify their ranks before everything else and to deny our enemy the chance of ever again playing with our chastity and honor.
Esteemed and oppressed nation! Today the hands of the invaders have reached our honor. Instead of living subdued lives, the various classes, in the hope of martyrdom and dignity, should join hands and take revenge from the enemy for all these criminal actions. In addition, an exemplary lesson should also be given to those notorious faces that have accompanied these savage invaders and believe their filthy presence on our Islamic soil is necessary.
Valiant martyrdom desiring Mujahideen of the trenches!
You also have particular obligations towards protecting the honor, dignity and freedom of the nation in your respected areas. You know that the defeated enemy is taking its last breath and have now extended its hands towards such vile acts and have started digging their own graves in advance so you should also strive to give them such exemplary last blows which they shall never forget in accordance with your Islamic and Afghan customs for carrying out such acts with our children, urinating on our dead and thousands of other such cowardly criminal acts in order to restore our honor and dignity and assure our independence.
Alongside this we also call on all the nations of the world especially the Muslim nations to help us in preventing such acts taking place by showing their sympathy to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan as the true representatives of the people of Afghanistan and cooperating in anyway possible in defeating this barbaric enemy.
As before, we once again call on the United Nations, all Human Right organizations and especially OIC and all the Islamic countries to not consider such acts by the British and other invading countries as isolated personal incidents but they should treat is as only a sample of the savageries of these armies and officially condemn them with one voice while at the same time, lend every assistance possible in helping us achieve freedom in accordance with the real aspiration of every human being.
We one again tell our cowardly, defeated and despicable enemy that such crimes of yours will definitely (if Allah wills it) bring about your end. We recognized your evil, despicable lack of ethics and weakness in the initial stages of this war. These crimes are not the personal crimes of a few of your soldiers but this is the real face of your governments and military organs which is being exposed to the whole world. The people witnessed and still remember your treatment of the prisoners in Guantanamo while your handling of prisoners in Iraq’s Abu Ghuraib and the thousands of secret and disclosed crimes against our people in the past decade are the representation of your actual faces. These actions of yours will definitely (if Allah wills it) be judged heavily; our determinations are strong and we will not waver; we have a long history of battle and war! about which you are either ignorant or have perceived us as weak. Our soil has a history of crushing empires. Your crimes only reveal your identity. Our nation shall also come out from this trial with their heads held high. Your surrogates will also face prosecution here. We understand very well that you are in the last moments of your occupation and you will reach for every crime and savagery in these tender moments but you should not forget that you will have to answer for all of it. You and your invading soldiers will not go unquestioned. We shall take revenge against each one of your soldiers with our blood. Hundreds of our martyrdom seeking Mujahideen are eagerly awaiting their turn while thousands of our enraged Mujahideen are marching to confront you. You shall certainly have to face retribution for your crimes and your necks shall certainly be broken.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan