New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding the Session Convened in Berlin Under the Orders of America"

Last Monday, a session was convened in Aspen Institute of Berlin city, Germany, in which a number of infamous warlords from Afghanistan participated.
The session was gathered and financed by high ranking members from the American congress and its purpose was to establish a federal system in Afghanistan through these gunmen.
While Islamic Emirate is exerting its full efforts to tighten and unify Afghanistan even more, the American congressmen are strongly in its opposition regarding which our stance is as follows:

  1. Afghanistan is the common home of all Afghans. Any person paving the way for the disintegration of Afghanistan under the title of a Federal system will be treated as enemies and Islamic Emirate, as the defenders of the borders of the country, will not withhold itself from taking any type of reaction. Everyone knows that the Islamic Emirate has sacrificed thousands of members in Dasht-e-laila for the unification of this nation.
  2. This session which was directly initiated and supervised by known figures from the American congress and incited for by known gunmen is in reality a corruption-spreading crime which seeks to entrap Afghanistan in more strife. Islamic Emirate holds the American occupiers, its congress members and the backers of this session responsible for this mischief and asks them to seize their hands from making such destructive plans.
  3. Americans must learn lessons from their current ignominious defeat in Afghanistan and look for ways to exist from Afghanistan and the region while eliminating all the factors of war instead of adding fuel to them.
  4. Islamic Emirate considers this foreign plan initiated by some proven and hated faces a program for creating fraction amongst the nation and rejects the poisonous propaganda of the enemy which depicts as if Islamic Emirate will be content with having control of a few provinces. We shall not stop our armed Jihad for a single moment as long as the invaders are present on our soil as it would be contradictory to the goals of our decade old Jihad and as long as the occupiers have not been completely gotten rid of, Islamic Emirate shall never consider ceasefire even for a single instance.
  5. Islamic Emirate asks the government of Germany to not become a part of the plan which will rekindle war and bring about more strife but rather it should respect the aspiration of the whole nation instead of the few outcast faces.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan