New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding the Video that Exposes American Transgressions"

Islamic Emirate has the following remarks about the video disclosed by the media in which American soldiers are shown urinating on the bodies of three Afghans with complete disrespect after martyring them:
With the advent of the new decade old occupation of Afghanistan by the American invaders and their allies, our oppressed people have become witnesses and targets on a daily basis, in one or the other part of the country, to the various abuses, war crimes and actions contrary to all the human and ethical norms.
During this ten year occupation, the American soldiers have tortured our people under various names, repeatedly abused our holy Quran and other inviolable, have burnt our dead, inhumanely killed our women and children and now even carried out malevolent actions against our martyrs in which they initially martyred our innocent countrymen and urinated on their bodies afterwards.
Those things which appear in the media every now and again are only a small fraction of the crimes which are perpetrated by the American soldiers.
As always, we once again strongly condemn such inhumane acts carried out by the barbaric American soldiers and consider them contrary to all the human and ethical norms. with this, we also call on the United Nations and other Human Right groups to block such inhumane acts of the hypocritical America and practically display the humanitarian slogans which are always exclaimed by these organizations. On the other hand, we would also like to inform the American invaders that such actions will never weaken the resovle of the Muslim and noble Afghan nation and neither will it affect our fast paced Jihadi process but it will rather act as a catalyst in bringing about a swifter end of the American occupation. It is not far that the American invaders will witness the consequences of such actions and will have to confront the extra wrath and hatred of the Afghan masses.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghan