Articles of the Week – 12/31-1/6

Saturday December 31:
Al-Qaeda’s Uighur Jihadi: A Profile of the Turkistan Islamic Party’s Abdul Shakoor Turkistani – Jacob Zenn, Militant Leadership Monitor: 
Sunday January 1:
Women and Gender in Islam: A Question of Cultural Relativism – Suzanne Rothman, Kulna Journal:
Monday January 2:
Al Qaeda 2012: Will it be resurgence or defeat? – Clint Watts, Selected Wisdom:
Tuesday January 3:
Egypt’s Salafi Challenge – Omar Ashour, Project Syndicate:
Breakthroughs in Faith – Olivier Roy, World Policy Journal:
Wednesday January 4:
Egypt’s Salafi Surge: These guys make the Muslim Brotherhood look like latte liberals – Sarah A. Topol, Foreign Policy:
The Death of al Qaeda: Fawaz Gerges Edition – Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Gunpowder and Lead:
Friday January 6:
Tunisia’s student Salafis – Monica Marks, The Middle East Channel: