Jihadology presents Academic Journal Articles of 2011, Part II

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Joas Wagemakers — Al-Qa’ida’s Editor- Abu Jandal al-Azdi’s Online Jihadi Activism

Joas Wagemakers — Protecting Jihad The Sharia Council of the Minbar al-Tawhid wa-l-Jihad

Joas Wagemakers — Reclaiming Scholarly Authority- Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi’s Critique of Jihadi Practices

Jonathan A.C. Brown — Even If It’s Not True It’s True- Using Unreliable Ḥadīths in Sunni Islam

Jonathan A.C. Brown — Tension Between Minimalism and Comprehensiveness in the Shariah

Jonathan A.C. Brown — The Canonization of Ibn Mâjah- Authenticity vs. Utility in the Formation of the Sunni Ḥadîth Canon

Jonathan Kennedy and Gabriel Weimann — The Strength of Weak Ties

Joshua Teitelbaum — The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, 1945-1958- Founding, Social Origins, Ideology

Lucas Winter — The Abdullah Azzam Brigades

Madawi Al-Rasheed — Sectarianism as Counter-Revolution- Saudi Responses to the Arab Spring

Manuel R. Torres Soriano — The Evolution of the Discourse of Al- Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb- Themes, Countries and Individuals

Michael Kenney — Hotbed of Radicalization or Something Else?- An Ethnographic Exploration of a Muslim Neighborhood in Ceuta

Michael King, Haula Noor, and Donald M. Taylor — Normative Support for Terrorosm- The Attitudes and Beliefs of Immediate Relatives of Jema’ah Islamiyah Members

Michael Page, Lara Challita, and Alistair Harris — Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula- Framing Narratives and Prescriptions

M.J. Crawford — The Daʿwa of Ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhāb before the Al Saʿūd

Muhammad al-Atawneh — Wahhābī Legal Theory as Reflected in  Modern Official Saudi Fatwās- Ijtihād, Taqlīd, Sources, and Methodology

Muhammad al-Atawneh — Wahhabi Self-Examinaion Post-9/11- Rethinking the ‘Other’, ‘Otherness’ and Tolerance