Jihadology presents Academic Journal Articles of 2011, Part I

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Abdullah Lux — Yemen’s last Zaydī Imām- the shabab al-mu’min, the Malazim, and ‘Hizb allah’ in the thought of Ḥusayn Badr al‐Dīn al‐Ḥūthī

Anne Alexander — Brothers-in-arms? The Egyptian military, the Ikhwan and the revolutions of 1952 and 2011

Anne Stenersen — Al Qaeda’s Foot Soldiers- A Study of the Biographies of Foreign Fighters Killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan Between 2002 and 2006

Arabinda Acharya and Sonal Marwah — Nizam, la Tanzim (System, not Organization)- Do Organizations Matter in Terrorism Today? A Study of the November 2008 Mumbai Attacks

Arthur Saniotis — Muslims and ecology- fostering Islamic environmental ethics

Brian Fishman — Al-Qaeda and the Rise of  China- Jihadi Geopolitics in a Post-Hegemonic World

Bruce B. Lawrence — The Late Shaikh Osama bin Laden- A Religious Profile of al-Qaeda’s Deceased Poster Child

Christopher Melchert — Ahmad Ibn Hanbal’s Book of Renunciation

Degang Sun — Six Decades of Chinese Middle East Studies- A Review

Diego R. Sarrio — Spiritual anti-elitism- Ibn Taymiyya’s doctrine of sainthood (walāya)

Emil Souleimanov — The Caucasus Emirate- Genealogy of an Islamist Insurgency

Felicitas Opwis — Shifting Legal Authority from the Ruler to the Ulama¯ #- Rationalizing the Punishment for Drinking Wine During the Saljuq Period

Gabriel Weimann — Cyber-Fatwas and Terrorism

Géraldine Mossière — Modesty and style in Islamic attire- Refashioning Muslim garments in a Western context

Harvey Stark — Religious Citizens After September 11th- The Impact of politics on the Jurisprudence Concerning Muslim American Military Service

Iqbal Akhtar — Race and Religion in the Political Problematization of the American Muslim

Jamie Bartlett and Carl Miller — The Edge of Violence- Towards Telling the Difference Between Violent and Non-Violent Radicalization

Jarret M. Brachman and Alix N. Levine — You Too Can Be Awlaki!