New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding the Release of Palestinian Prisoners in Exchange for a Zionist Soldier, Gilad Schalit"

Yesterday the ceremonial occasion commemorating the exchange of prisoners occurred between Islamic Resistance of Palestine (Hamas) and the forces of Zionist regime through Egyptian intermediation.
Gilad Schalit, the Israeli soldier who was captured on 27th June 2006 in an armed attack by Palestinian Mujahideen and who spent the next five years in the captivity of Islamic Resistance of Palestine (Hamas), was finally released yesterday in exchange for the freedom of four hundred and seventy seven (477) Palestinian prisoners.
This exchange between Islamic Resistance of Palestine (Hamas) and the Zionist Regime in which a total of 1027 Palestinian prisoners will be released is in reality the triumph of the will of the Muslim Palestinian nation and can be considered as one of the heaviest blows to the Zionists; a blow which even the head of the Zionist regime, Benyamin Netanyahu considers as the hardest task done by the Israeli administration in its history.
This exchange sends a message to all the oppressed and vulnerable Muslim nations that resistance against invaders is legitimate, effective and the best choice and is also a religious obligation for occupied Islamic countries. Every subjugated nation is able to utilize this lawful tool and religious obligation to attain their usurped rights and achieve their legitimate goals. That is why the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has put emphasis in the continuation of Islamic Resistance against the invading Americans and has chosen this path as the best option for attaining freedom of its lands from occupation.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan would like to extend its felicitation the leader of Islamic Resistance of Palestine Hamas, the gallant Mujahideen of Palestine and to the entire Palestinian Muslim nation. We ask our lord, the most high to free the entire occupied land of Palestine and especially Masjid Al Aqsa, the first Qibla of the Muslims from the hands of the invading Zionists and to give freedom to the oppressed nation from the prolonged occupation at the hands of the ruthless invaders and make it a free and independent country so it can live like the rest of the free people.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
21/11/1432 هـ – 19/10/2011