As-Saḥāb Media presents a new video message from Usāmah Bin Lāden: "To the Muslim Ummah"

UPDATE 6/4: 5:57 PM: Here is an Urdu translation of the below Arabic audiovisual message:
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UPDATE 5/27 8:34 AM: Here is a German translation of the below Arabic audiovisual message:
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UPDATE 5/19 5:31 PM: Here is an English translation of the below Arabic video message:

All Praise is due to Alláh, We praise Him and we seek help from Him. We ask forgiveness from Him. We repent to Him; and we seek refuge in Him from our own evils and the consequences of our bad deeds. Anyone who is guided by Alláh, he is indeed guided; and anyone who has been left astray, will find no one to guide him. I bear witness that there is no god but Alláh, the Only One without any partner; and I bear witness that Muhammad, sws, is His servant, and His messenger. To what proceeds,
My muslim Ummah , we were observing with you these great historical events, and we share with you happiness and joy. We get happy with your happiness and sad with your sadness. Congratulation to you on these victories and may Allah have mercy upon your martyrdom and heal your wounded and free the prisoners.
Days of Glory for Islam came, and the leader disappeared from Arab lands
They lived upon thrones until we received the news heralding joy
The Muslim ummah was always awaiting the victory to be rising from the eastern horizon, but the surprise was that the sun of the revolution rose from the Maghrib, the west. The light of the revolution sparked in Tunisia, and the nation felt the relief, the faces of the people got brightened, and the throats of the rulers got coarser, and the Jews got terrified because the coming of the promised day,
With the overthrow of the tyrant, the definitions of fear, humiliation, and surrender have fallen as well. The new meanings of freedom, pride, audacity, and courage have risen. The winds of change came, in a will of liberation. And Tunisia took the first credit fast as like the strike of lightning. The knights of Kennana took the torch from the freemen of Tunisia to Tahrir Squares . So a great revolution started, and what a great revolution! A revolution that will change the whole of Egypt and the whole Ummah if it holds onto the rope of Allah.
And this revolution, wasn’t a revolution of food or clothing but a revolution of pride and audacity, a revolution of take and give, a revolution that lighted the capital of the Nile and its towns from its lower to its higher so that the youth of Islam saw their gloriousness, and their soul craved the era of their forefathers. So they brought torches in the Tahrir square in Cairo to crush the corrupted system. They stood in front of the face of fraud and they raised their fists against it. And they didn’t fear its army. They made a commitment and full filled their promise. The high-minded are steadfast, the helpers are helping and the revolution is still continuous.
“So, to these free revolutionaries in all the countries: hold fast to your initiative and beware of negotiations, because there is no middle road between the people of truth and the people of falsehood. There is no way,”
And remember that Allah has granted you with days where the greatness is coming later. You are their knights and leaders and in your hand you have its bridles. The Ummah had saved you to this very gravely missed events. So continue the march and don’t fear the hardship. The marcher started his objective and in determination the freeman had crawled. And if a freeman starts his march, he doesn’t get tired nor stop. The freeman doesn’t stop until his chanted aims are satisfied biidni Allah Ta3alaa. Your revolution is a precious one and it is the only hope for the sorrowfull and the wounded.
You have relieved the sorrow upon our ummah may Allah relieve yours. And you accomplished many great hopes , May Allah accomplish your hopes. Poetry…
Oh children of this Muslim Ummah, There is a serious crossroads before you, and a great and rare historic opportunity to rise with the Ummah and to free yourselves from servitude to the desires of the rulers, man-made law, and Western dominance. It is from the greatest sin and the biggest igronance to lose this opportunity that our Ummah has waited for for decades. Take advantages of it and destroy the status and the idols. And establish justice and faith. And from this place remind the truthful that establishing council for opinion and advice to Muslim population in the major important dialogue is obligatory under Shari3a. and add to some jealouss of this deen who had mentioned how it is important to take off those oppressive system and they have great trust among the ummah, they need to start the projects as soon as possible and advertise it away from the dominance of the opprresive leaders and set up an operations room that follows up events and works in parallel so they can accomplish the ummah ‘s need with taking benefit of the proposals of Muslims thinkers and also using a qualified research center, and the people of knowledge to save the people that are struggling to bring down their tyrants where their children are killed, and to advise the population that falled the tyrant rulers and some of his pillars to follow the right steps to protect the revolution and accomplish their objectives and also in working with other nations who their revolution didn’t start yet to prepare for the zero hour and what to plan before it. Getting emotional feelings can make you lose the opportunity and starting before time is ready can cause a lot of casualties.
I think that the winds of change will blow over the entire Muslim world, with permission from Allah. It is important for the youth to prepare of this matter what it needs, and that they shouldn’t take in decision before they take advice from the people of sincerity who are away from halfway resolutions and who aren’t kissing the behinds of the oppressors. Poetry “ It was said” the opinion before the courage of the bravery is first and then second.”
My muslim Ummah, you have witnessed throughout the decades many revolutions that people were happy with but sooner they tasted its sourness. So the path to reserve the Ummah today from misguidance and oppressions , is to start a revolution of awareness and to correct the understanding in many fields without forgetting the major ones. And the most important one is the pillar of Islam, and from the best books that was written is a book of understanding that need to be corrected to sheikh Muhammad Qutb . Because of the weakened awareness of our youth today which is the result of a wrong culture that the rulers have preached for centuries is the biggest disaster but other catastrophes that afflict the ummah is but a poisonous fruit from other sour fruits. It is the culture of oppression, tyranny and forced silence and spending all the obedience simply to satisfy the rulers and that is worship for them apart from Allah and it is forfeiture to them all the rights of the religion for the life of this world and a sacrifice of the Hereafter to them. And they make values and principles and persons spin in an orbit which makes humans lose their humanity and makes humans run behind the ruler and his desires without any realization or insight. So he became a robot, if people did good, he will, and if people did bad he will. So he became like merchandise that was fallen from the belongings, where ruler can do with it whatever he wishes. And those who are the victims in our lands, who the leaders made them to go out and chant his name .and the leaders have worked hard to make sure people lost the most important thing that Allah has given them so they delayed the Ummah’s brain and they marginalized the general imported affairs by merging government institutes religion with media so they look as they applied shara’3, so they took people’s sight intellect and will. Under falsehood and lies. They portrayed the sacred leaders under the Islamic establishment and also under the name of the nation so that people will be respected and that they would plant in peoples souls so that the older would worship and obey. And even the children were affected by this ideology. It is our duty to protect them, they are born with natural instincts (fitrah) and their natural instinct has been assassinated without any sympathy or mercy. The elders continued this ideology , but the young were raised upon this ideology too, the tyranny got more tyranical and the weak got weaker. So what are you waiting for? Save yourselves and your children the opportunity is a given, especially when the youth have faced the burden of the revolution and its troubles, and the bullets of the tyrants and its suffering. So they made the path smoother by sacrificing themselves and they established the bridge of freedom with their bold youth at the age rose, and divorced this life of humiliation and hardship, and they chose either pride and dignity or the grave. Don’t the rulers understand that the nation went ahead and won’t go back until the promise is satisfied iidni Allah ta3ala.
To Conclude, the great oppression in our land has reached and lasted for a long term. And we delayed so long for rejecting it and changing it. So who ever started should finish it Biidni Allah, and to the others who didn’t start yet they should get in the boat and start too and understand the authenticHadith from the prophet Muhammed ( PBUH): Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “Never a Prophet had been sent before me by Allah to his people but he had, among his people, (his) disciples and companions, who followed his ways and obeyed his command. Then there came after them their successors who proclaimed what they did not practise, and practised what they were not commanded to do. And (he) who strove against them with his hand is a believer; he who strove against them with his heart is a believer; and he who strove against them with his tongue is a believer and beyond that there is no grain of Faith”.
And also the best of marthys is Hamza ibn Abdoulmutalib and the one that speaks the truth on the face of the tyrant oppressive, and he is killed because of this. Congratulations to whoever had this great intention, if he dies he is the best of shuhadaa and if he lives he lives with pride and glory. Stand by truth and don’t worry. Saying truth to a tyrant is the pride and good tidings. It is the path in this dunya and it is path to the hereafter. Whether you want to die as a slave, or if you want to die as a freeman.
O Allah make a way for the people who are seeking victory for the deen and grant then patience, clear focus and sincerity. O Allah plan for this Ummah great guidance , where your worshipper can have their pride and the people of sin can be humiliated , and commanding the good and forbidding the evil , oh Allah grant us the good of this life and the hereafter and protect us from the fire. O Allah make our weakness strong, and heal our wounded and make our footsteps firm. O Allah punish the people of oppression local and the international and grant us victory upon the people people of kufr. And our last prayers is al Hamdollillah rabi 3alamine.

NOTE: Below is Usāmah Bin Lāden’s last ever words to the world. The video deals with the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. Click here to see how jihādīs have reacted to his death.