New statement from Zabīhullah Mujāhid of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Remarks Regarding the Fresh Rumors of the Western Media"

Yesterday, some Dailies which are the mouthpiece of the Western Colonialism and other media outlets that toe their line, once again, circulated a baseless rumors, following their other futile propaganda campaigns and tried to create suspicions about the policy of the Islamic Emirate. They claimed that representatives of the Islamic Emirate are engaged in direct talks with the Americans and are seeking to have an office opened in a given country.
We would like to say in clear words that the report of negotiation with the invaders or direct contact with them are mere futile rumors. Similarly, the allegation that Taliban want to open office in a certain country is not true. We have not asked for the opening of office in any country including Qatar. More than half of the country is under our control and we have active presence there. This is our permanent address which is evenly well known both to friends and enemies. None can deny our presence there nor we are people who lack address and country. The American invaders repeatedly spread rumors of negotiation without any proof instead of focusing on the essential and rationale solution of the issue. This portrays their weakness and is a sign of their uncertain policy. It seems, they are facing defeat in the war of Afghanistan and are confused and on the verge of losing the battle field. Moreover, they have entirely lost their patience versus the unprecedented sacrifices of the Afghan nation. This is why they catch at a straw like a drowning man and are trying to boost the morale of their defeated and fleeing Allies by resorting to rumors.
We want to say that the current struggle and jihad of our Muslim and Mujahid nation is not aimed at obtaining government slots, mundane amenities and comfortable life but we have a lofty objective before us and that is a complete freedom of the country, independence and establishment of purely Islamic regime and prosperity of the people. This is the objective for which we are braving the Global Colonialism with our chests as shields. We have never been deterred by any danger in this way and will keep up the sacred Jihad and struggle by offering our blood until complete freedom of our country is attained, the current invaders like the former ones are forced to flee our country. Thus, we will prove to the world once more that none can turn our country into a colony, nor the invaders will reach their wicked goals through this misadventure.

Zabihullah Mujahid

Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


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