New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding the 19th Anniversary of the Victory of Mujāhidīn in Afghanistan"

19 years ago, on 28 April (8 Saur, 1371 Hijri solar year), the Jihadic resistance of the people of Afghanistan culminated into victory versus the Red Army and their internal (Afghan) puppets. This was not an easy success. Almost 1.5 million Afghans had sacrificed their lives
to reach  this great day of realization of hopes and aspirations, by forcing the dreadful Red Army of the former Soviet Union to flee the country—an Army which even the Westerners had acknowledged as being undefeatable.  Unfortunately, some well-known leaders of the Jihadic resistance could not safeguard the fruit of the resistance which was, in fact, a historical pride for the Ummah as a whole.  They acquiesced in embracing the internal ideological enemies in their ranks against whom they themselves had been fighting for more than a decade. Contrarily, they were not ready to tolerate unity and fraternity with their brothers-in-arm. The obsession of power grabbing frustrated the caravan of aspirations of the people which, though, by then, had approached its destinations.
Ultimately, the splendid victory of the Mujahid people evolved into a tragedy. Some opportunist armed men turned to violating the lives, property and honor of the people, cashing in on the factional fighting. The path of establishment of Islamic regime took up the form of a battle for power. Even the clandestine enemies of Islam were predicting that, as a result of the factional fighting, the Afghan people will be disappointed and oppressed to the point that, in future, they will welcome any non-Islamic regime with open arms.
At this time, some sons of this proud soil gathered under the banner of the Taliban Islamic Movement to bring the great aspiration of the establishment of Islamic regime to its destination—an aspiration that both Mujahideen and the Afghan people had offered 1.5 million martyrs for its sake. In fact, at that critical phase, the Taliban Islamic Movement played the role of (real) heirs of the spiritual legacy of Mujahideen. They implemented the aspirations of Mujahideen in 95% land of the country. However, the internal and external enemies of Islam and the country could not tolerate the regime.
Today, the true sons of this land offer their lives for the protection and success of the same goal. But the world of infidelity under the leadership of America wants to impede the realization of the said goal by dent of force. It is not possible now. The Afghan Mujahid people have thrown down the gauntlet by assembling under a sole leadership. When drops of rains become flood, mountains are not able to prevent them from carving their way forward.
We would like to say, no difference between a Talib and a Mujahid. The Mujahid and the Talib of yesterday who were fighting against the Red Army of the Soviet Union or fighting against America  today, are,  in fact, brothers-in-arm and share common goal.
At this final phase of victory, all Afghans who follow the Truth and love God, any ethnicity they may belong to, should join hands with each other for the sake of brining about Islamic regime.  They should strictly avoid those blunders and flaws that take us away from our prideful goal. Protection of a revolution is as important as its precious winning.
The enemy has lost its morale and strength. Only need for a country-wide uprising. The day is not far off when the (current) invaders, like their predecessor of the 27th April (7th Saur), will be forced to leave our land with humiliation and debasement.
— (Forward towards) independence of the country and an early establishment of the Islamic regime.
–Away with invaders and their puppet and shame on them.
–Pride and f victory to the sacrificing warriors of the way of Truth.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan