New statement from Jamā'at Anṣār al-Sunnah: "For Our Ummah To Identify the Way of the Offenders"

NOTE: The below statement condemns the arrest of Abū al-Walid al-Maqdisī by HAMAS, the leader of Jamā’at Tawḥīd wal-Jihād Fī Filasṭīn, another Palestinian global jihadist group. Jamā’at Tawḥīd wal-Jihād Fī Filasṭīn has already released a statement about this which you can see here. Here are some of Abū al-Walid al-Maqdisī most recent works that have been posted on this site:

Jamā’at Anṣār al-Sunnah — “For Our Ummah To Identify the Way of the Offenders”
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