New article from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "America, No More a Superpower"

After the early Islamic era and the evanescent reign of Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi (who dealt a crushing defeat at European crusaders), the Ottoman caliphate was marvelous and unparalleled. They safeguarded Islam and the Muslims for four hundred years.
The present boundaries of the Muslim countries have been  made possible  as of this day,  thanks to their Jihad and unstinted sacrifices.
Other Muslims were neglectful of  this responsibility. Only the Othoman were vigilant and fulfilled it. But fraud and conspiracies of the enemies of Islam contributed to disintegration of this glorious caliphate,  causing irreparable loss and tragedy. On one hand,  the Muslims were deprived from their political stronghold and on the other hand, they lost their first Kiblah (i.e. Jerusalem) and it fell into the hands of Zionist occupiers. It is still under their control and the oppressed Muslims of Palestine are forced to live under squalid  conditions.
For more than a century, the Muslims of the world have been   victims of attacks and invasions of  infidel colonial powers of the world. They do not leave Muslims to forge ahead towards peace and prosperity in the light of the rules and regulations of the holy religion of Islam; to follow Islamic values and morals in their countries and to implement the Islamic Sharia laws and tenets. This is the reason that for the last century the whole Islamic Umma has been passing through a collective social unrest and distress.
The present Islamic world, comprising of 50 smaller or larger states, is mostly under the control of the colonial powers. They are sucking the blood of the Muslims and have trained tens of Karzais among the Muslims to safeguard their malicious interests. Everywhere in the world, whosoever abide by pure Islam and is faithful to the high interests of the people, has been removed from power with prizes of millions of dollars on their heads. If we ignore the remaining world and just look at to the past one and half decade of our own country, we find how the control and supremacy of the Islamic ruling was  thorn in the  flesh of America. The renaissance of Islam in our homeland was intolerable for her. The American colonialism could not bear to see  the candle of Islam remain burning here; that lingual, ethnic and national differences should come to an end and that the suppressed and miserable Afghan nation  fuse into a central and unified force.
They feared if the Islamic Sharia brings peace and justice in Afghanistan, people in other parts of the world would ask for this kind of system and it would turn their vagrant  and treacherous  way of life meaningless. So they decided to put out   rays of this light.
Full of this malicious thought, America and European allied decided to attack Afghanistan from far-flung area. They united the forces of the whole non-Muslim world and invaded Afghanistan. This invasion which took place both from air and on the ground was the greatest march of its kind. It was not only confined to military invasion but was accompanied by propaganda war, economic and political invasion as well.
Then observers said that it was the war between the weakest and the strongest with a great imbalance of power between them.  The observers predicted that American would suffocate  the life of the poor Afghan people and the ever free Afghanistan would lose the blessing of freedom forever. The Afghan nation will be deprived of the spirit of Islam and independence. But it was against the will of Allah   the Almighty. Instead,  His will was that the history of Afghanistan should remain fraught with love of faith, courage, bravery and heroism. It was the will of Allah that America and its puppets are to be debased and disgraced to the extent that not only the future history of Afghanistan will become splendid with glory but also bring an inspiration of freedom and independence to all the oppressed peoples and communities of the 21st century. Yes, by the will and support of Allah, America is no more a super power; instead it is a  state on descent. Overall,  we can say that she is no more the America as she was before 2001.
Fortunately, today not only in Afghanistan but in all oppressed lands of the world, the dawn of freedom has arisen. Gone are the days when from east to west a great uproar and tumult of American invasion was ringing. Now the day has come that America has fell down from her pride and is desperately trying to flee.
So in these aspiring moments the Afghans are giving the good news to all the oppressed nations that;
America is no more as she was. She is on the edge of decline and breakdown. It is quite near that her pride will fall and the statue of its tyranny will collapse. And it is never  a hard  task for Allah to do.