New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "American Senators Admit, More Troops Mean More Casualties"

John Kerry, Chairman, American Congress’ Foreign Relation Committee, says he does not agree with troops surge strategy which is aimed at sending more troops to Afghanistan. He says, the surge failed to end the war or turn the tide. Now it has been proved that increase in troops is accompanied by casualties proportionately. The American daily The Boston Globe in its recent report has quoted John Kerry as saying that he had come to the conclusion that the war in Afghanistan must be reviewed anew rather than focusing on reinforcement.
It should be mentioned that previously John Kerry, agreed with the troops surge, supporting the strategy. He says all factors leading to American troops failure to defeat Taliban or weaken them, must be considered once more. John Kerry is a senior politician of the American ruling democratic party. His assertions reflect that the war of Afghanistan has made the Western rulers and the European people exhausted and disappointed. This is in addition to the despondency being observed among the general masses and the American people. Jon Kerry, an eminent politician of the ruling party, concedes this reality that the war of Afghanistan has seen no spectacular advancement. Moreover, the Muajhideen have not been weakened, even in the near future, no vista of hope is seen to point to an impending military gain.
Trailing the blaze, John Kerry has called on the Administration to be cautious and not to send extra troops to Afghanistan as it will yield loss rather than gain.
The Taliban are combat-hardened people. The more, there are troops, the more they will be capable to inflict casualties on them. A few days ago, before the assertions made by John Kerry, another military officer, the Australian defense ministry’s forces chief showed his concern over the growing casualties of troops of that country. He disclosed that usually they do not reveal identities of troops killed in combat unless the families get inkling of their death. He adds the reason for their not revealing the identities is because of their fear that it might spark up uprising in Australia. Thus the people’s opposition to the war will increase.
With an eye to the assertions made by the American and Australian rulers, observers believe that the American and Western rulers are at a loss to justify the war of Afghanistan to their people and lessen their negative view as regards it.   This is because the American and Western claims have already proved futile which said that they were fighting those elements in Afghanistan who want to carry out subversive activities in America or target people there. The Western and the American people know that the war in Afghanistan started on mere pretexts and has no legitimacy. Had there been any rationale for justification of this war, the Afghan people would have supported the current war. They would not have stood by the Mujahideen side by side.
It is now crystal clear that the resistance against the foreign troops has evolved into a national resistance movement and a popular uprising. This uprising will continue until the Americans and Westerners put an end to this fake and phony war and pull out their troops.