New statement from the Egyptian Islamic Jihād: "For the Revolution of the Egyptian People"

UPDATE 2/14 8:09 PM: Click here for an English translation of the below statement.

NOTE: It should be noted that this is not an official al-Qā’idah message, rather this is from a splinter group that disagreed with Ayman aẓ-Ẓawāhirī’s decision to merge his group with AQ.
This message was emailed to the al-Maqrīzī Center for Historical Studies by Thirwat Ṣaliḥ Shaḥātah. The Egyptian Islamic Jihād (EIJ) has its origins going back to the 70s and was originally called Tanẓīm al-Jihād. Tanẓīm al-Jihād was responsible for the assassination of former Egyptian President Anwar al-Sādāt. Following that there was a large crackdown and following some time in jail Ẓawāhirī reconstructed the group as the EIJ in the late 1980s. EIJ officially merged with al-Qā’idah Central in June 2001, but many members defected because they disagreed with the decision.
The below message states their solidarity with the uprising in Egypt. And that they understand the brutal nature of the regime due to their long time suffering in Egyptian prisons. EIJ calls on the military to take the side of freedom and turn their back on the regime to let the people be free. Interestingly, they do not call for jihād in Egypt, but rather this message deals more with solidarity. That said, to date there is no evidence that EIJ or AQ have had anything to do with these protests.

Click the following for the original in Arabic: New statement from the Egyptian Islamic Jihād- “For the Revolution of the Egyptian People”