New statement from Jamā'at Sharī'at: "A warning from the Mujāhidīn of Khasavyurt"

NOTE: Jamā’at Sharī’at, is the largest jihādī group in the Russian republic of Dagestan, North Caucasus. Jamā’at Sharī’at was established during the Second Chechen War. They were in favor of Dagestan’s independence as an Islamic state and are currently under the umbrella of the Caucasus Emirate, which is led by Dokku Umarov. The below statement is unedited in its original Russian version.


Front yard of the brothel “White Nights”, destroyed
by the Mujahideen of the Khasavyurt Jamaat on January 14, 2011.
We wish to announce that the destruction of the entertainment brothel “White Nights” a few days ago (on January 14, see here), as well as yesterday’s destruction of the supermarket “Caravan”(see here) are special military actions of the Khasavyurt Jamaat of the Dagestani Front.
The owners of the supermarket “Caravan” were repeatedly warned, but they were arrogant and voiced daring statements. [But] As you can see, a tank was not requested to solve the problem.
We want to warn the residents of Khasavyurt, the owners and customers of such despicable places: Keep in mind that any place where corruption is spread, such as alcohol and prostitutes, are our legitimate targets. Their destruction is only a question of time and sooner or later, they [the owners and customers of such places] will taste the punishment, first in this world, then in the hereafter, Insha’Allah.
We also remind you that working in such establishments is Haram and dangerous for your life so think seven times before going to work in such haunts of vice, it’s worth it. And our advice to you is: Do not sell your soul for a kopeck (a penny).
One Hadith (1) states: «Wine is the source of all evils and sins. Whoever drinks it loses reason. He respects no one, even his relatives and he doesn’t refrain from commiting evil openly. The spirit of faith and piety leaves the drinker, and only the impure and mischievous spirit, which is far from the Divine Blessing, lives in him. Allah, His angels, His prophets and true believers cursed such a man, and his prayers will not be accepted for forty days. On the Day of Judgement, his face will turn black, his tongue dangling on his chest, flowing with saliva…».

The stock of alcohol of the “establishment”.
We declare with full responsibility that this work will continue and that we are guided by the Qur’an and the Sunnah, not by the order any of the people (2) – your competitors and companions in the fire of Hell.
We ask the brothers to not succumb to the rumors that our detractors are spreading – that we allegedly take money from the enemies of Allah (3) – in exchange for their security. Allah does not offer them security and we can not afford them this [security], for any money.
Allahu Akbar!
Khasavyurt Jamaat, Wilayah Dagestan, Caucasus Emirate
Translation from Jamaat Shariat by the Kavkaz-Jihad blog.

1. Didn’t found the exact reference unfortunatly but apparently it has been narrated by Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq, but there is another similar Hadith narrated by Ibn al-Jawzy : «Do not sit with the drunkard, visit their sick or attend their funerals. On the Day of Judgement the drunkard will be brought with a black face, and his tongue dangling on his chest, flowing with saliva. Whoever sees him knowing that he is a drunkard will disgust him.» The 40 days are also mentionned in others hadiths as well. The face turned black is also mentionned in a hadith about musicians.
2. The Russian medias often spread the lie that the Mujahideen groups are ‘hired’ by criminal families, or politicians, in order to commit crimes against their competitors or rivals. In exchange, the Mujahideen allegedly recieve money for this ‘work’. However not a single proof supporting this tale has been ever found. Note that the financial ressources of the Mujahideen seems to be the favorite subject of the russian medias.

3. Kommerstant as well as other russian medias reported that the owners allegedly refused to pay a tax to the Mujahideen.

Владельцам злачных мест и их покровителям: танк для разрешения проблемы не понадобился
20.01.11 11:50
Хотим сообщить, что уничтожение развлекательного борделя “Белые ночи” несколько дней назад, а так же вчерашнее уничтожение супермаркета “Караван” является специальной военной акцией хасавюртовского джамаата ДФ.
Владельцы супермаркета “Караван” были неоднократно предупреждены, но они возгордились и высказывали смелые заявления. Как видите, танк для разрешения проблемы не понадобился.
Мы хотим предупредить простых жителей Хасавюрта – владельцев и посетителей таких злачных мест – подумайте о том, что любое место, где распространяют мерзость – вроде спиртного и проституток – является нашей законной целью – уничтожение которых вопрос только времени и рано или поздно они вкусят свое наказание прежде всего в этом мире, потом на том свете, иншааЛлах.
Мы так же напоминаем вас, что работа в таких заведениях является харамом и опасным для жизни и прежде чем пойти работать в такие злачные места подумайте семь раз, стоит ли оно того. А наш вам совет – не продавайте свою душу за копейки.
Один из хадисов гласит: «Вино – источник грехов. Тот, кто выпил вина, теряет разум. Он никого не уважает. Даже своих родных и близких, легко совершает дурные поступки. Дух веры и благочестия покидает его, дух мерзости и порочности вселяется в него. Его проклинает бог, ангелы, пророки и правоверные. Сорок дней его молитвы не будут услышаны. В день Страшного суда лицо его будет чёрным, язык – свисать изо рта, слюна – течь на грудь….».
Мы со всей ответственностью заявляем что работа будет продолжена и что мы руководствуемся Кораном и Сунной, а не по заказу каких-либо из людей – ваших конкурентов и попутчиков в огонь Ада.
Мы просим братьев не поддаваться слухам, которые распространяют наши недоброжелатели, что якобы мы берем деньги от врагов Аллаха – взамен на безопасность. Аллах не предлагает им безопасность и мы не можем им такое позволить ни за какие деньги.
Аллаху Акбар!
Хасавюртовский джамаат, ВД, ИК