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New statement from the Muslim Youth Center: “On Abū Manṣūr al-Amrīkī”

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Korogwe (14/09/2013) – MYC in Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia have been following the recent reports in the media regarding the fate of Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki. On immediately hearing the reports, MYC contacted a senior Kenyan Mujahid in Somalia to confirm the accuracy of the reports.  On 13 September 2013, we received a response that strongly suggests the reports of Al-Amriki’s fate are accurate.

For over two years MYC has been a strong critic of Al-Amriki. In this time, we have campaigned for appropriate and swift action against him in his relentless attempt to divide Al-Shabaab and malign our beloved Amir Sheikh Abu Zubeyr (May Allah protect him for the Mujahideen in East Africa).

While many Mujahideen in East Africa will hold strong reservations regarding the reported fate of Al-Amriki, we urge those Mujahideen to fear Allah and honestly reflect on who Al-Amriki was and who he regrettably became during his final days as a member of the “Muhaajireen”. For those that need reminding:

There can be no doubt that Al-Amriki took Hijra to Somalia to carry out Allah’s work in defense of a land under siege by feral Kuffars supported by their apostates helpers. Over the years, with Allah’s blessings he continued to grow in stature amongst the Mujahideen in East Africa and beyond. But with stature comes humility, a virtue that Al-Amriki obviously struggled with until his sad end. Rather than show humility, he embarked on a journey of self-promotion coupled with arrogance that led to insubordination in Al-Shabaab.

At a time when our beloved Amir Sheikh Abu Zubeyr expected members of the Muhaajireen to unite under their shared conviction of defeating the Kuffar in Somalia, Al-Amriki consciously opted to sow discord within the Muhaajireen. Under the pretext of raising concerns over Al-Shabaab’s battle strategy and its overall direction of Jihad in East Africa, Al-Amriki began a personal, bitter and slanderous campaign against the beloved Amir of Al-Shabaab. With slanders to the right of him and unfound allegations to the left of him by Al-Amriki our beloved Amir Sheikh Abu Zubeyr blessed by Allah with patience and wisdom remained silent, composed and focused on Allah’s work of defeating the crusaders in Somalia.

In true Al-Amriki fashion to maintain his public presence, he sent out protests in various forms to the Mujahideen in AQAP and Al Qaeda with one objective: to discredit our humble Amir Abu Zubeyr and thus proving the “protests” and “concerns” were nothing but personal. Not content with the response and counsel from the wise Amirs in AQAP and Al Qaeda, Al-Amriki took to Twitter to entertain Kuffars and apostates alike with rumours and “reports” about “internal discussions” within Al-Shabaab. In an act of desperation, attempts were also made to influence the Mujahideen in East Africa with falsehoods about the situation in Somalia and the Amir of Al-Shabaab.

In the end, Al-Amriki’s road to self-destruction was culminated with him reportedly saying he had severed all links with Al-Shabaab and Al-Qaeda. Such an audacious statement was akin to declaring he intended to betray the Mujahideen in Somalia. Ultimately, betrayal has a price.

In our tweets and official statements we have repeatedly stated that no Mujahid is bigger than Jihad. Regrettably, Al-Amriki was deluded enough to believe his fame, and the respect he commanded would be suffice to make him indispensible when it came to Jihad in Somalia. It came down to Jihad in Somalia or Al-Amriki.

We ask Allah to forgive Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki for his misguidedness and judge him accordingly.

Press Office



Source: http://themovingcaravan.tumblr.com/post/61206230852/for-immediate-release-statement-on-abu-mansoor

New statement from the Muslim Youth Center: “Swift and Appropriate Action Demanded to Deal with Abū Manṣūr al-Amrīkī”

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Mombasa (29/03/2013) – MYC in Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia together with the majority of Mujahideen in Kenya have taken the prudent step to offer counsel to our committed and sincere Muhaajireen brothers to request from our beloved Amir Sheikh Abu Zubeyr that Al-Shabaab immediately considers swift and appropriate action against Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki for his persistence in fomenting dissent both within the ranks of Mujahideen in Somalia and with Al-Shabaab followers outside Somalia.

For over a year, Abu Mansoor has continued to use his self-propelled “popularity” to engineer confusion and attempt to discredit senior Al-Shabaab leaders. More recently and sinister, Abu Mansoor has being trying without success to sow discord among our brothers in Al-Qaeda. It is now time that Abu Mansoor’s megalomania is dealt with swiftly and appropriately. His public display of petulance and obvious disregard for the global vision of Jihad must be addressed decisively.

Like any Mujahideen, Abu Mansoor is entitled to raise legitimate concerns as a Muhaajireen within Al-Shabaab or with like-minded Mujahideen organizations like Al Qaeda. His communication to our beloved Amir Sheikh Abu Baseer in AQAP was initially seen as a dignified and honest way to seek redress to his “greviances”. But in true Abu Mansoor fashion he refused to accept the wise counsel of the Amir in AQAP.  Irritated and unable to accept the truth from Yemen, Abu Mansoor has endlessly resorted to both private and public criticism of our brothers in AQAP.

Recently, in Kenya, Abu Mansoor has been using social media to spread false reports about the situation of the Mujahideen from Kenya in Somalia. He erroneously claims East Africans are living in fear under Al-Shabaab and many senior Kenyan Mujahideen have fled Somalia to unilaterally start Jihad in East Africa. Nothing can be further from the truth: MYC and many other East Africans remain committed to Jihad, inside Somalia and beyond with the support and guidance of Al-Shabaab and AQEA. Attempts by Abu Mansoor to poison the minds of our cubs and lions will not be tolerated by MYC and should not be allowed by our brothers in Al-Shabaab and Al Qaeda.

With the grace of Allah, the Mujahideen are moving forward with their objective and vision of liberating Somalia from under the occupation of the Kuffar. Only recent did the brave Mujahideen of Al-Shabaab militarily dislodge Ethiopian troops from Hudur. It was of great surprise and regrettable to read on Twitter that Abu Mansoor was seeking to claim credit for this great victory claiming to have sent our beloved Sheikh Robow. Surely, such a misrepresentation by Abu Mansoor warrants decisive action.

While sad and unfortunate, the era of Abu Mansoor as an inspirer and inciter for those seeking to embrace Jihad is over, and Al-Shabaab must now put an end to Abu Mansoor’s public stunts.

We ask that Allah continue to give Amir Abu Zubeyr and our beloved Mujahideen in AQAP wisdom and patience.

Press Office



Source: http://themovingcaravan.tumblr.com/post/46582459947/for-immediate-release-swift-and-appropriate-action

New statement from the The Muslim Youth Center: “Mujāhid Ruta Receives Shahādah”

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful the Most Beneficent

Majengo (19/03/2013) – MYC in Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia can confirm that on 17/03/2013, Mujahid Ruta, a much loved and respected Mujahid from Mtaani received his Shahada at the hands of the Kuffar.

Information suggests that Mujahid Ruta had walked into ‘Angola’ after leaving the Mosque and was shot in the head by two unidentified Kuffars. MYC views this as a callous execution by the Kuffar and a futile attempt to weaken the morale of the Mujahideen in Kenya in their support for Al-Shabaab and Al-Qaeda in East Africa.

In his last moments, as Mujahid Ruta struggled with life on the operating table he was surrounded by friends and the Mujahideen of Mtaani. Within minutes the Mujahideen and friends were carrying his lifeless body through Mtaani to his final resting place to bestow upon him a Mujahideen burial.

Mujahid Ruta’s execution while painful is an exemplary way to receive a Shahada as a Mujahid in East Africa. In spite of the obvious risk to his personal security, Mujahid Ruta chose to serve Allah first and fight the Kuffar courageously in three ‘area codes’ on behalf of the Ummah. For those that were fortunate to know Mujahid Ruta personally, we now understand his favourite phrase: “the rest is left to Allah”.

At this difficult and painful time for MYC, we ask the Mujahideen in Kenya and Tanzania to redirect their anger and obvious desire for revenge to love and support for the family of Mujahid Ruta. They have been denied a loving husband and father. Our duty now is to show and offer support to Mujahid Ruta’s family.

We ask Allah to accept Mujahid Ruta as a martyr.

Press Office



Source: http://themovingcaravan.tumblr.com/post/45752135311/for-immediate-release-mujahid-ruta-receives-shahada

New statement from the Muslim Youth Center: “On the Suspension of HSM Press Office Twitter Account”

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful the Most Beneficent

Malindi (27/01/2013) – MYC in Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia condemns the blatant attempt by the Kuffar to censor our beloved brothers in Al-Shabaab from disseminating the truth to the Ummah in East Africa. The recent suspension of Al-Shabaab’s Twitter account is nothing more than an erroneous attempt spurred on by U.S. counter-terrorism strategies aimed at disrupting and dismantling global Jihad.

The fact remains the near daily Twitter messages from Al-Shabaab were considered timely and relevant by the Ummah. More so, Al-Shabaab’s messages via Twitter offered unadulterated clarity on the situation and status of the Mujahideen’s campaigns to liberate Somalia from the siege of the Kuffar and apostate.

It is ironic when the Kuffar claims that a basic tenet of its “democracy” is freedom of information and expression that it cringes up when our brothers in Al-Shabaab expose their lies and fabrications through Twitter. Suspension or not, we urge our brothers in Al-Shabaab to soldier on with their sword of truth in unmasking the Kuffar’s plots to silence Muslims both in Somalia and globally.

While we are confident that our brothers in Al-Shabaab will continue to find alternative mediums and forums to spread the message of the Mujahideen, MYC stands prepared to act as one such medium for the dissemination of the Mujahideen’s message to the Ummah. No task is more worthy than spreading the message of Jihad to the Ummah.

We ask Allah to continue strengthening the Mujahideen in Somalia.

Press Office



Source: http://themovingcaravan.tumblr.com/post/41594412910/for-immediate-release-myc-statement-on-suspension-of

New statement from the Muslim Youth Center: “MYC On Abū Manṣūr al-Amrīkī”

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful the Most Beneficent

Tanga (12/01/2013) – Over the past weeks MYC in Kenya and Tanzania have received numerous queries on the status of Abu Mansur Al-Amriki, and asked to confirm whether he has been “detained”, “executed” or “expelled” by our beloved Sheikh Abu Zubeyr (May Allah preserve him for the cause) and Al-Shabaab in Somalia.

While we are aware of these reports, we remind our Mujahideen brothers in Kenya and rest of East Africa that the only legitimate authority on the current status of Abu Mansur Al-Amriki in Al-Shabaab and Somalia is Amir Sheikh Abu Zubeyr and his chosen spokespersons on the matter.

We encourage our inquisitive Mujahideen brothers to revisit and re-read the press release (“Abu Mansur Al-Amriki”) by our beloved brothers Al-Shabaab on 17 December 2012, regarding Abu Mansur Al-Amriki. The press release was a self-explanatory clarification by Al-Shabaab on the matter. In this regard, it is important that the Mujahideen in East Africa refrain from encouraging disunity among the Ummah over the issue of Abu Mansur Al-Amriki but focus on recommitting themselves to Jihad in East Africa under the umbrella of AQEA.

For those Mujahideen that seek to emulate the likes of Abu Mansur Amriki, we ask them to look at the tireless dedication shown by Amir Sheikh Abu Zubeyr and our Amir Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali (May Allah continue to grant him wisdom), before making their choice of enhancing their image within the discourse of Jihad in East Africa. Jihad will never be about the image of one individual but the collective image of the Mujahideen.

We ask Allah to guide us all on the right path.

Press Office



Source: http://themovingcaravan.tumblr.com/post/40328361128/for-immediate-release-myc-statement-on-abu-mansur

New statement from the Muslim Youth Center: “Inciting and Inspiring Jihād: MYC in 2012″

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Korogwe (26/12/2012) – As we move closer to the end of an exciting year, MYC in Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia takes this opportunity to remind the Ummah in East Africa and in particular, the Mujahideen in Kenya of our great triumphs over the Kuffar in 2012.

Our 2012 crusade against the Kuffar, began when the caravan of Jihad set its course for Kenya after our beloved Amir Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali (May Allah continue to preserve him for the Mujahideen in East Africa), declared in his eminent lecture (“ But If They Seek Your Help In Religion, It’s Your Duty To Help Them”), that the Kuffar state of Kenya had become a legal war zone as part of the Muslim duty to wage defensive Jihad. And in true MYC response – praise be to Allah, many of our lions and cubs heeded our Amir’s message of defending Islam.

Today, eleven months on, hard-hitting lethal messages are being sent to the Kuffar on a near weekly basis, serving as a reminder of the torment being visited upon them due to their policy of humiliating Muslims from Somalia to Kenya on a daily occurrence.

Time and time again, MYC lions and cubs have confronted the Kuffar humiliation both steadfastly and courageously on the battlefield in Kenya, and where ordained by Allah, even sacrificed their young lives in defense of our precious religion. Our preparedness to receive Shahada, without fear or hesitation is a testament of our love for Islam and our commitment in keeping its light glowing in East Africa.

The many martyrs that MYC has produced on the battlefield such as Sheikh Aboud Rogo; Sheikh Samir Khan, Mohamed Kassim; “the Likoni Mujahideen”; Amir Musa Osodo; “Duda Black” and “Duda Brown” have inspired more lions and cubs throughout East Africa in readiness to lay down their lives for the sake of Allah.  We ask Allah to grant our martyrs the highest place in Jannah.

Looking forward and preparing for another year of defensive Jihad, Insha’Allah, we must be ready for the usual UN double-standard attack and lies against Muslims in the form of its fictional reports; the propaganda Kenya media labeling Muslims as terrorists while defending KDF war crimes as acts of “peacekeeping”; and sadly, a new Kuffar government that will continue humiliating Muslims in 2013.

Insha’Allah, with the support of our Mujahideen brothers in Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria, and now Mali, our crusade as part of AQEA will continue to incite more lions and offer further inspiration to the cubs that have defined MYC’s “boom” year in 2012.

Press Office



Source: http://themovingcaravan.tumblr.com/post/38856086940/for-immediate-release-inciting-and-inspiring-jihad

New statement from the Muslim Youth Center: “Message To Our Beloved Amir Sheikh Aḥmad Imān ‘Alī”

Dear Beloved Amir Sheikh Ahmad Iman

We thank Allah almighty for persevering for you for MYC and the rest of the Mujahideen in East Africa. It is with great satisfaction and admiration that we continue to see you sit at the right handside of Amir Sheikh Abu Zubeyr (May Allah Protect him for us) leading the Mujahideen in battle against the Kuffar in Somalia.

It has been many years since you took that moral decision of selflessness to defend and protect Islam by going +252. And since this departure, the cubs you left behind have become lions and some have even dared to join you in the land of Jihad. Today, those fortunate lions with you are a source of inspiration and recruiting force to the up and coming young cubs of East Africa that yearn to spread the sword here in Kenya and beyond.

Praise be to Allah for in the last couple of months, you have delivered messages and lectures to Kenya and the rest of East Africa, warning of the consequences of their refusal to leave Somalia. So far, the Kuffar has refused to leave Somalia, and in return you have sent back lions into Kenya and East Africa to remind them of your prophetic words on the consequences of invading our Muslim land of Somalia.

With the blessing of Allah, both your lions and cubs pledge and declare that we will not end our support to you as our Amir, and nor will we stop spreading the virtues of Jihad throughout East Africa. You have bestowed upon us a gift of understanding the necessity of Jihad and now we are in your debt forever. If only you could see the restlessness of your MYC lions in Nairobi and the eagerness of your cubs on the Coast to spread the sword of Islam throughout East Africa you would be amazed that your messages and lectures have been stamped on our hearts.

With Allah’s blessing we ask that our restlessness and eagerness translate into a Tsunami of Chinja Chonja Fiyeka in Kenya and East Africa, and that our Taqwa continue to remain strong.

We ask that Allah continue to protect you for the Mujahideen in East Africa.


Press Office


Source: http://themovingcaravan.tumblr.com/post/38060752188/for-immediate-release-message-to-our-beloved-amir


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