New statement from the Muslim Youth Center: “Defend Our Shaykh’s Honor: Humiliation of Shaykh Aboud Rogo’s Family”

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Tanga (14/11/2012) – MYC is following media reports that the Kuffar has arrested three family members of our Sheikh Aboud Rogo (May Allah accept him as a martyr).  This is yet another attempt by the Kuffar to continue humiliating the family of Sheikh Aboud Rogo following his assassination.

There can be no justification, legal or otherwise for the arrest of three innocent Muslims.  Our information suggests the three innocent Muslims have not been charged with any offence but denied access to legal representation. With this in mind, it remains clear that Sheikh Aboud Rogo’s family is now being victimized purely for being Muslims and according to our information for consistently refusing to cooperate with the Kuffar on informing on Muslims.

MYC urges the family of Sheikh Aboud Rogo to remain steadfast and resolute in their commitment to Islam and to see Muslims prevail over the Kuffar in East Africa. We further encourage our Muslim brothers and sisters in Kenya to immediately consider viable ways of shielding the family of Sheikh Aboud Rogo from continuous harassment and humiliation.

As always, MYC will continue to stand by and support the family of our dearly missed Sheikh in their struggle for justice.

Press Office