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New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Regarding Allegations By Agha Jan Mutasim and the Dubai Initiative”

Media reports have recently published a statement attributed to a former official of The Islamic Emirate Agha Jan Mutasim which alleges that high ranking officials and commanders of the Islamic Emirate or the Islamic Movement of Taliban  convened a meeting in the United Arab Emirates and showed willingness to launch a peace initiative!!?

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan once again declares to all parties that Agha Jan Mutasim does not hold a position in the Islamic Emirate and neither can he represent it. Similarly the Islamic Emirate considers the recent actions and activities of Agha Jan Mutasim detrimental to both the principles of the Islamic Emirate as well as to the goals of the sacred Jihad while being beneficial for both the invading Americans and their stooges. No representatives of the Islamic Emirate have either attended a meeting in Dubai and neither has talks taken place with the stooge Kabul regime or it’s so called High Peace Council. The Islamic Emirate has delegated officials and a political office to conduct its political activities and if a need arises for contacts with any party, a responsible organ will be tasked with the permission of its head, under the guidance of its leadership and on the practical needs of Jihad.  That no one for sure knows the names of the participants that attended the meeting in Dubai, this in itself reveals that neither has a meeting been convened nor has a substantial initiative been launched.

The Kabul regime’s so called High Peace Council which constantly tries to keep its fixed salaries flowing has repeatedly published such futile and baseless reports to stir up media frenzy with false claims of holding talks with rogue figures. The foreign invaders and their hirelings should not strive for repeating their past failed and futile experiments. Ostentatious negotiations and exhibitions will not result in anything other than complicating the issue and prolonging the war. If the Americans and her allies hope that with such fake political proceedings they will divert the attention of the Afghan nation and deplete their fervor for Islam and independence, then they are mistaken and need to reassess the ground realities.


Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

19/04/1435 Hijri Lunar

30/11/1392 Hijri Solar                    19/02/2014 Gregorian


Source: http://shahamat-english.com/index.php/paighamoona/42359-statement-of-islamic-emirate-regarding-allegations-by-agha-jan-mutasim-and-dubia-initiative

Manba’ al-Jihād Studio presents a new video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Badri Lashkar #4″

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Source: http://shahamat-movie.com/index.php?option=com_webplayer&view=video&wid=113

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New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Zabīhullah Mujāhid: “Remarks Regarding Civilian Casualties Report By UNAMA”

Like last year, UNAMA office in Kabul once again published its yearly report on civilian casualties in Afghanistan for 2013.

The composed report once again unfairly attributes 74% of civilian casualties as being caused by the Mujahideen with 11% attributed to the Kabul regime security apparatus which includes Arbaki forces (local militias) and 2% to the foreign occupying forces.

It must be made clear that these baseless and far from reality reports are directly produced by the US embassy and then published under the name of United Nations.

We strongly condemn this biased report by UNAMA. The esteemed Amir ul Mumineen (Commander of the Faithful) has given strict guidelines to our Mujahideen for preventing civilian casualties. Despite our operations for the current year having increased and covering vast regions however extreme caution was taken and civilian casualties were kept to a minimum as compared to the past.

The true causes of civilian casualties in our nation can be summarized below:

Blind and retaliatory airstrikes by the foreign forces, night raids, indiscriminate firing after attacks; breaking into homes of civilians by police and army in form of search operations, aggravating children and adults, looting homes, stealing valuables and jewelry of women from homes; killing of civilians by Arbakis in all corners of the country, oppression, transgressing against the life, wealth and honor of people, martyring innocent civilians due to personal feuds, the savagery and barbarism of Commander Shujai from Uruzgan province is not hidden from anyone – who has single handedly martyred over 200 civilians.

UNAMA always publishes reports biased towards the Americans under the guise of a neutral organ but our nation sees everything with their own eyes; they see who the perpetrators of savagery are, they see who kills and bombs – the latest example of which is the incident in Siyah Gerd – and who killed little children in Kunar under label of Al Qaida!

If UNAMA even had the slightest concern for civilian casualties and did not merely use this subject as a tool against Mujahideen then it would have whole heartedly decided on impartiality and would have accepted the offer for preventing civilian casualties put forward by Mujahideen to UNAMA three years prior.

The failure of UNAMA to give a timely answer to our initiative made it clear that UNAMA is not actually concerned about civilian casualties but rather only wants to help the American invaders in their propaganda war.

On top of considering the latest UNAMA civilian casualties report to be completely the other way around, we reaffirm our commitment to take care of the life of civilians as part of our Islamic mission, our religious obligation and Afghan sympathy towards our oppressed nation. Taking care of the life of civilians in war is our responsibility more than that of the Americans which our nation can testify to in our actions.


Zabihullah Mujahid

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

08/04/1435 Hijri Lunar

19/11/1392 Hijri Solar                    08/02/2014 Gregorian


Source: http://shahamat-english.com/index.php/paighamoona/42067-remarks-of-spokesman-of-islamic-emirate-regarding-civilian-casualties-report-by-unama

New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Zabīhullah Mujāhid: “The Blacklisting of Our Mujāhidīn Signifies American Military Failure”

The American invaders announced on Wednesday the blacklisting of three Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate namely Yahya (Haqqani), Maulawi Sayedullah and Muhammad Omar (Zadran).

We condemn this ineffective and theatrical blacklisting by America on top of which we also believe it to be an illustration of the abject failure and defeat of America as it is absolutely obvious that no Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate either have trade relationships with America nor any accounts in their interest plagued banks which could be effected by these superficial seizures.

The reality is that America has lost militarily in Afghanistan and now wants to atone this military defeat with petty propaganda war.

The defeated Americans must realize that the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate take pride in having their names included in such blacklists while those Mujahideen who were blacklisted by America a few years ago have been at the forefront of fighting the invaders and have dealt them a heavy blow militarily.

We can confidently say that such blacklistings do not affect the Jihadi moral and activities of our Mujahideen in the slightest but works paradoxically by strengthening their Jihadi resolves.

To end we must state that all three of the named Mujahideen are from Khost and Paktika provinces of Afghanistan and reports which allege that some are Pakistani nationals are completely baseless.


Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

06/04/1435 Hijri Lunar

17/11/1392 Hijri Solar                    06/02/2014 Gregorian


Source: http://shahamat-english.com/index.php/paighamoona/42031-the-blacklisting-of-our-mujahideen-signifies-american-military-failure


The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan releases Issue #94 of al-Ṣamūd Magazine

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Click the following link for a safe PDF copy: The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan — Issue #94 of al-Ṣamūd Magazine


Source: https://alfidaa.info/vb/showthread.php?t=92901

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New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Qārī’ Yusuf Aḥmadī: “Remarks Regarding the 12th Year of the Inhumane American Prison (Guantánamo)”

The twelfth year of the symbol of American savagery, the infamous Guantanamo prison, arrives as there are still up to 150 innocent Muslims still locked up behind cages and in solitary confinements.

The inmates inside this prison spend their days and nights in hunger, thirst and unimaginable misery. Neither did the America chief Obama take any steps in the closure of this infamous prison which he had talked about in his initial years nor has any self proclaimed Human Right organization heard the voices of the oppressed inmates. The American criminals have committed various types of torture and suppression against the oppressed prisoners for the past twelve years yet no one ever cared about their peaceful hunger strikes and neither did anyone take any practical steps to free them from their depressing condition. We once again call on the Islamic Conference and all other international human right organizations, due to the principal of human sympathy and their own moral obligation, to force the America tyrants to close this notorious prison, release the innocent inmates being held without any criminal charges and prove their slogans of humanitarian concern and human rights are not simply empty rhetoric that Americans preach to other countries but fail to practice themselves.

We believe that the tortuous treatment of the innocent prisoners of Guantanamo has reached its utmost extent. The barbarity of Guantanamo is a blot on moral conscience of the international community. It is time for the international community to compel the closure of this prison and finally put an end to this barbarity which has no equal in human history.


Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Qari Muhammad Yusuf Ahmadi

19/3/1435 Lunar Hijri

31/11/1392 Solar Hijri                    21/1/2014 Gregorian


Source: http://shahamat-english.com/index.php/paighamoona/41604-remarks-of-spokesman-of-islamic-emirate-regarding-the-12th-year-of-the-inhumane-american-prison-guantanamo

New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Zabīhullah Mujāhid: “Remarks Regarding Demands by America”

After a series of recent attacks against foreign invaders in Afghanistan, the latest of which was a martyrdom operation inside Kabul targeting high ranking American and other foreign invaders in which tens where handed retributive justice for their actions, America was compelled to ask the Islamic Emirate to hold peace talks with the Kabul regime and lay down their arms, also stating that the American invaders are supposedly working for a better future of Afghanistan!!?? While failing to mention anything regards its own recent savagery in Siyah Gerd district!!!

We strongly reject the American demand. America wants to turn a blind eye from a manifest reality and conveniently skip over the primary reason for the problems of Afghanistan. The major factor which has been antagonizing our oppressed nation for the past twelve years is the American invasion and its resultant barbarity. America similarly wants to portray those of its nationals who are the enemies of our land and religion and are working for the aims of the occupation as the friends and rebuilders of our country.

If America truly wants peace and stability for Afghanistan then it should immediately withdraw all its forces from our land and leave the Afghans to their own wills and aspirations.

If America is adamant on war and occupation then it should wait for more deadly attacks. The Islamic Emirate has a responsibility towards its Lord (Allah), people and country and it shall not back away from any kind of sacrifice in the way of its fulfillment.

Until we have completely freed our country of the menace of occupation; until we have established an Islamic government in accordance with the desires of our nation in our country and until we have fulfilled the aspiration of our martyrs from our two great Jihads, do not hope for us to lay down our arms but instead work on changing the course of your own wrong policies and imperialist goals.


The spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

18/03/1435 Hijri Lunar

29/10/1392 Hijri Solar                    19/01/2014 Gregorian


Source: http://shahamat-english.com/index.php/paighamoona/41515-remarks-of-spokesman-of-islamic-emirate-regarding-demands-by-america

al-Imārah Studio presents a new video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Farah”



Source: http://shahamat-movie.com/index.php?option=com_webplayer&view=video&wid=108

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New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Zabīhullah Mujāhid: “Remarks Regarding a False Report by the AP”

The western news outlet (AP) published a report on Saturday which stated that officials of The Islamic Emirate had met some members of the Kabul regime in Dubai and tried to somehow give authenticity to its piece by attributing information to unknown sources.

We categorically deny this false report by The Associated Press. No officials of The Islamic Emirate have ever met or had discussion with members of the Kabul regime in Dubai. Such rumors spread by the enemy are a part of their propaganda effort through which they want to achieve their malicious objectives.

We strongly urge The Associated Press to firstly publish our denial exactly the same way. Since this agency has published a fabricated report about us therefore it is their due responsibility to also publish our side of the story as part of being a news agency.

We similarly once again urge The Associated Press and other news outlets to publish reports about us through our known addresses. They should not write up reports which discuss important issues without providing names of sources or officials while being falsely tied to the Islamic Emirate. If such actions are repeatedly taken by news agencies then it in return gives the enemy intelligence organs leeway to spread propaganda against the Mujahideen by quoting unnamed Mujahideen officials. News outlets have a responsibility towards us in cases where they quote unknown sources and if such actions start repeating themselves then it will force the hand of The Islamic Emirate to show a reaction and take legal steps towards that specific agency.

News outlets must truly become independent. They should publish unbiased and responsible reports based on sound principles and not give a hand to intelligence organs in pursuit of their self interests.


Spokesman of The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

11/03/1435 Hijri Lunar

22/10/1392 Hijri Solar                    12/01/2014 Gregorian


Source: http://shahamat-english.com/index.php/paighamoona/41359-remarks-of-spokesman-of-islamic-emirate-regarding-false-report-by-ap

New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Remarks Regarding Enemy Propaganda and False Reports About Assassination of Jihādī leaders”

There have been recent reports which indicate that several leaders of Islamic Emirate have been assassinated in the city of Quetta located in Baluchistan province of Pakistan regarding which we state the following:

A while back a former Jihadi commander of Zabul province, Noorullah, who was living the life of migration in the Pakistani city of Quetta was martyred in an assassination operation by unknown assailants. After the martyrdom of the said person, news outlets circulated rumors that a member of leadership council of Taliban had been killed. It must be stated that Noorullah was a Jihadi commander at the time of Jihad against the Soviet Union however he was not a member of Islamic Emirate’s leadership council.

Since the enemy is facing a certain defeat, its confidence is shaken and it is only left with baseless propaganda therefore it claims every person who surrenders or is killed is a Taliban Shura member and a close associate of Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujahid (may Allah protect him). The enemy in its delusionary state of mind even fails to comprehend how many Shura members the Taliban have that despite them being supposedly killed, detained and surrendering every day, they never seem to finish.

This statement in itself is sufficient proof of how unsubstantiated the false enemy propaganda is.

After the martyrdom of Commander Noorullah, the enemy once again spread rumors that 3 more Taliban commanders namely Mullah Abdul Malik, Mawlawi Muhammad Ismail and Mullah Saleem have been assassinated in Quetta city. This despite all of the mentioned personnel of Islamic Emirate being alive and actively busy in their Jihadi activities yet the enemy persists in fabrications which are strongly rejected by us.

It seems that some professional con artists have made it a habit of stealing large sums of money from the world most incompetent regime in Kabul led by Karzai. Before this, many con men cashed in money under the peace and integration program so perhaps some mercenaries could have begun their campaign of fraud and embezzlement by fabricating news of assassination of Mujahideen figures for the same purpose. The fact of the matter is the all of the said persons are still alive and busy in their Jihadi activities.

We must make it clear and reiterate our strong rejection of the enemy claims while labeling it as nothing more than mere baseless propaganda effort of the cowardly enemy spread through its media.

Meanwhile the oppressive occupying country of America declared the blacklisting of a Mujahid of Islamic Emirate named Qari Saifullah and the freezing of all his assets. This is yet another feeble and erratic step of the enemy which does not worry Mujahideen in the very least. We do not have any large scale trade relationships with any entity which could be affected nor any other interaction with America. The American goal with such meaningless step is only for propaganda purposes and a last ditch effort against Mujahideen which only shows their weakness despite such moves having failed in affecting the Jihadi ranks for the past decade.

The enemy must realize that such propaganda will not create any barrier for our Jihad. We are a nation prepared and used to martyrdom and imprisonment. So is it possible that we could be scared with false assassination rumors and imaginary embargoes?


The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

09/03/ 1435 Hijri Lunar

20/10/1392 Hijri Solar                    10/01/2014 Gregorian


Source: http://shahamat-english.com/index.php/paighamoona/41284-remarks-of-islamic-emirate-regarding-enemy-propaganda-and-false-reports-about-assassination-of-jihadi-leaders


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