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Articles of the Week – 12/1-12/7

Saturday December 1:

Al-Maqdisi and the Jordanian Jihadi-Salafi Movement – Joas Wagemaker, Jihadica: http://bit.ly/WAIg9K

Monday December 3:

Salafism in Tunisia: Challenges and Opportunities for Democratization – Stefano M. Torelli, Fabio Merone and Francesco Cavatorta, Middle East Policy: http://bit.ly/UkkUW2

Conflict in Yemen: Abyan’s Darkest Hour – Amnesty International: http://bit.ly/TCDg76

Tuesday December 4:

Countering Online Radicalization in America – Peter R. Neumann, Bipartisan Policy Center: http://bit.ly/RzduBz

A Jihadi Homeopath – Kevin Bell, Jihadica: http://bit.ly/UEjwzZ

Thursday December 6:

Sacred Pillars of Violence: Findings from a Study of the Pakistani Taliban – Mona Kanwal Sheikh, Politics, Religion & Ideology: http://bit.ly/11KCHLl

Ideology, Networks and Political Religion: Structure and Agency in Jemaah Islamiah’s Small World – David Martin Jones & Michael L.R. Smith, Politics, Religion & Ideology: http://bit.ly/11KCQyu

Legitimacy, Loyalty and Civilian Support for the MILF: Changing Dynamics in Mindanao, Philippines – Sukanya Podder, Politics, Religion & Ideology: http://bit.ly/11KCSX0

State Collapse, Al-Shabaab, Islamism, and Legitimacy in Somalia – Oscar Gakuo Mwangi, Politics, Religion & Ideology: http://bit.ly/11KD4pi

The Rise of al-Qaeda in Syria – Aaron Y. Zelin, Foreign Policy: bit.ly/VLMaOq

Friday December 7:

Northern Mali: the Politics of Ethnicity and Locality – Andrew Lebovich, Think Africa Press: bit.ly/SLIhti

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