Jihadology is widely regarded as an essential resource for those conducting research on Islamist terrorist groups, thanks to its collation of extensive amounts of primary source material produced by such groups. However, there have been concerns that the site is used by terrorist groups who exploit the fact that material on the site is publicly available. As such, Jihadology wanted to find a way to password protect the most sensitive material. In order to make the site more secure whilst ensuring that the site can remain open and continue to increase understanding of terrorism and violent extremism, we have updated the site with the aim of denying terrorists, violent extremists, and those vulnerable to radicalisation easy access to the most sensitive content hosted on the site.

To access all parts of the site, you will need to register an account. The new registration ensures that only those with a clearly demonstrated legitimate research interest can register and access all parts of the site. The registration system will automatically accept registrations from certain recognised email domains (for example: .edu, .gov etc). For researchers with legitimate purpose for using Jihadology who do not have an email address comprised by this system, we have created an override function which will allow Jihadology to manually approve applications. Users without the pre-approved email domains who wish to gain access to the site are therefore advised to apply via the registration system and state their reason for attempting to register. These applications will be examined as quickly as possible.

If you feel like your organisation is missing from the list of allowed email domains, or for any other registration queries, please contact us here.

Applications and queries about registration will be dealt with as quickly as possible, but we ask for your patience during this process.

Thank you for understanding.

Please also visit our FAQ page for more information.

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