Eye On Jihadis in Libya Weekly Update: February 19

On 13 February, the Sirte Military Engineering Corps recovered unexploded ordnance left behind by ISIS on the Abu Hadi Road in Sirte. After closing the road for quarter of an hour, the disposal team recovered the explosive and later detonated it.

Other Jihadi Actors

On 13 February, the Libyan National Army’s (LNA) spokesperson Ahmed al-Mismari stated that military operations in Derna had concluded and called upon local citizens to assist in the removal of any jihadist sleeper cells in the city. On 13 February, LNA operations to clear Derna’s old city uncovered the bodies of Derna Protection Force (DPF) members Mohammed al-Marsi (suspected explosives expert) and Yahya Rajab Faleh al-Hasadi.

On 14 February, the Derna Intelligence Service announced that it had arrested suspected terrorist Muatasim Ahmed Bouktaouh. The announcement coincided with the discovery of the body of alleged terrorist, Walid Attia Erheem. On 14 February, the Derna Joint Security Room stated that civilians may start to return to the old city from 17 February, following the removal of the remaining DPF remnants last week.

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